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  • Chalo_Kerala_to_Free_Hadiya_Protest_Kerala

    Supreme Court On Hadiya: How Can HC Annul Marriage of a 24 Year Old Woman?

    There are times when miracles happen. Our judicial system speaking sense is sadly, one of those. Today, the words that it said has given hope for women that their decisions matter. Otherwise, in India we are told that our decisions are toilet paper. Once Upon a Time We had a constitution. It promised people nice […]

  • pepperoni_sliced_by_razor_blade

    6 Ways To Express Anger Than Cutting Kancha Ilaiah’s Tongue Off

    For the kind attention of the International Arya-Vysya Sangham. Congratulations on your new venture called ‘Kill Kancha Ilaiah and Cut his Tongue off.’ While it seems that cutting an author’s tongue off or killing him is the most natural reaction to a book that you think is offensive to your caste, allow us to help […]

  • Mahmood_Farooqui_eating_coffee_cup_on_table

    The Most Appropriate Rape Verdict Ever – Mahmood Farooqui Vs Consent

    There is reason for women to celebrate. From today, it does not matter if you consent to sex or not. The other party can take anything you do or say as a ‘yes’. Isn’t that just great? In a country that calls marital rape, ‘sex,’ we now have a winner. The verdict in the Mahmood […]

  • kamal_hassan_urvasi_sundari_neeyum_sundaran_njanum_song


    5 Lines Brahmin Savarnas Should Stop Saying Right Away

    1. I belong to a ‘so called’ upper caste. Dei. Caste is a social reality. There is nothing ‘so called’ about it. If you are deriving privileges from the exploitative caste system, there is nothing to deny there. You belong to an upper caste. Stop saying ‘so called’. 2. I am a Brahmin ‘by birth’. […]

  • Angel_Glady_Living_Smile_Vidya_Is_It_Too_Much_To_Ask_Terrace

    ‘Is It Too Much To Ask?’ Transgender People Ask. Do We Have Answers?

    Central government is moving towards a transgender bill [Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill] and transgender people are not happy with it. Some of the ideas propagated by Piyush Saxena, the man behind the bill makes transgender people laugh. You will not believe the kind of idiocies he spewed in the media about transgender rights. […]

  • Figures_in_blue_and_pink_representing_sexual_identities

    ‘Homosexual Tendencies’? Here Is The Door Out, Says Banaras Hindu University

    Great news, people. An undergraduate student was expelled from her hostel for having exhibited ‘homosexual tendencies’. Oh no, we are not saying that there is anything to condemn in it. It’s only right that such ‘tendencies’ against the law of nature should be thwarted. Our Supreme Court once said the same thing. Expelling students from […]

  • school_children_in_uniform_in_a_line

    India Does Not Want Dalit Doctors: The Message Is Clear With Anitha’s Suicide

    One more Dalit life has been claimed. This time too, it is murder. The kind that gets called suicide when it is anything but. Our upper caste system of education has in the past claimed many Dalit lives from prestigious universities in the country. They just couldn’t stand the marginalized sections learning, earning doctorates or […]

  • mansplaining_cartoon_woman_pushed_in_newsdesk_by_man

    Six Types Of Mansplaining Womansplained: A Wide Array You Can Choose From

    So everyone knows that there are men who don’t even know that women don’t pee out of their vaginas, right? Well, there are. And those are the ones who try to educate you on periods. Who knows, in their head, women could be bleeding out of their nose, during periods. This phenomenon is called mansplaining. […]

  • Mithali Raj And Sweaty Armpits Say The Same Thing: Shut Up About Our Bodies

    Why? Why do you think that you can say crap to women and get away with it? Oh wait that’s what you have been taught for generations. That a woman is everyone’s property. Everything that is hers, her body, her relationship, life etc. are public property. Anyone can say anything about it all. Please wake […]

  • Person-Woman-Female-Water-Ocean-Sea-Staring-Max-Pixel.jpg

    Meet Sohini Mitter Who Wrote About Her Father Dealing With Depression

    My father was diagnosed with acute depression — chronic or clinical depression in medical terms — in February. It turned out that he had been suffering from the condition for at least a year before that. He never felt it. And there were no visible signs either. But it was lying in the subterranean, slowly yet surely eating into […]

  • Pahlaj_Nihalani_Indian_Express

    Why Pahlaj Nihalani Should Not Have Been Sacked: The Great Indian Loss

    India Never Saw Such Niceness The Central Board of Film Certification, (CBFC) which likes to call itself the Censor Board, sacked its chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani on Friday. Soon social media erupted in celebrations. Everyone seemed relieved. Everyone was happy and heaved a sigh of relief. But let me tell you, you should have wept. You […]

  • Madrasah_children_India_wikimedia_commons

    Video Record Madrassas On Independence Day: Yogi Adityanath Government

    It’s called surveillance. It is also called discrimination. But Yogi Adityanath doesn’t care, clearly. His government’s latest circular says this: Video record Independence Day programme at madrassas. Then send it to the district minority officer. Why? We have no idea why. Muslims should be watched. Just in case Except, it could be a test of […]

  • Orange_temple_flag_Wikimedia_Commons

    Bharat Mata Ki Jai Should Replace Azaan And Church Bells: BJP Leader

    The new journalism manual Attention journalists! The new rule is here. According to BJP Minister Vinod Kumar Singh you are first sons of Bharat Mata. Forget your education and career. What matters is that you be loyal to the nation. And that’s done by chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ in BJP functions. On Tuesday, this […]

  • The_use_of_the_chastity_belt._Oil_painting_by_H._M._Hayman._Wellcome_L0021958.jpg

    Unmarried or Virgin? No Difference, Says This Health Minister

    How it started The origin, believe it or not, is in an Institute of Medical Sciences. The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, (IGIMS), Patna, Bihar, thought they’d be super cool with their forms for employees. One of the questions was how many wives a person had, according to ANI. It is not clear if […]

  • Maxine_Waters_reclaiming_my_time

    Want To Say Fuck Off To Mansplainers? Maxine Waters Is Here To Help You

    Mansplaining Womansplained Women, have you had to reclaim your space, lately? Not getting it? Have you ever faced situation where your time was taken away by men? Board meetings, news shows, family, parties, wherever you go, you will encounter one of those idiots who thinks that his time is more important than yours. That his […]

  • Police_cap

    According to Karnataka Police, Sexual Assault is the Same as Eve-Teasing

    Yet another incident of sexual assault. A minor girl was tied to bushes near KR Puram railway station, Karnataka and assaulted by a group of 6 boys. We know how difficult it is for rape victims if they decide to report sexual assault or rape. As if those methods weren’t enough to make women lose […]

  • Sunny_Leone_adopts_a_girl_child

    Sunny Leone Was Trolled For Adopting A Child: But Was She?

    Sunny Leone adopted a child. We heard that she was trolled for it. Let’s think again. We are describing a phenomenon very dear to India using the wrong word. Troll in its verb form is, ‘make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from […]

  • Aarti_plate_Raksha_Bandhan_India

    RSS Plans Hindu-Muslim Rakhi in the Latest Move to Protect Mother Cow

    Solution RSS has cracked it. It has the ultimate solution to Hindu-Muslim unity. Wait, isn’t violence towards Muslims in India an RSS ideology? But never mind, that can be forgotten because they’ve developed the best technique to make everyone happy. Hold your breath and listen to it. ‘Muslim girls will tie rakhis to Hindu boys […]

  • Sexual_assault_detector_intrepid_MIT_screengrab

    MIT Sexual Assault Detector: Here are Some ‘Radical’ Ideas to Make it Work

    Lo and behold! Science is here to save you from sexual assault. What’s your best guess? An alarm that goes off when someone who has intentions to harass you approaches you? That’s where I started too but no, this is not about people who assault but about people who get assaulted. Once again. [You can […]

  • Danish_soldier_guides_Daish_tank_representational_image

    Shehla Rashid’s Reply To The JNU Tank Idea Shows Why We Need More Women Leaders

    Patriotism attack Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] VC, M Jagadesh Kumar, said that he wanted the ministers to procure an army tank to be displayed on campus. You can call it the manifestation of a patriotism attack. They are like panic attacks, only, instead of panicking, people become extremely patriotic and are like, I-want-to-kiss-the-ass-of-soldiers-dying-for-the-country-in-Kashmir. In the […]

  • Saif_Ali_Khan_snapped_at_Imperial_Hotel,_New_Delhi_2005

    Open Letter To Saif Ali Khan: The Best Advice Ever

    To Saif Ali Khan(daan) Over the last few days, a lot has been said and written about the male show you and two others ran on the IIFA stage. Let’s remind you what you did there because you tend to forget. You made fun of a female actor who called out nepotism in Bollywood. You […]

  • Lipstick_Under_My_Burqa_trailer_frame

    Lipstick Under My Burqa Or The Oppressed Muslim Women Of Bhopal

    Lipstick Under My Burqa didn’t go down too well with the Censor Board chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani. He thought the film was too ‘lady-oriented’. After watching the film, it seemed to me that the correct critique would have been ‘burqa-as-a-sign-of-oppression and I-think-I’m-high-and-forgot-the-point-of-the-film-I’m-making.’ But then, one can’t expect Nihalani to think that. He is busy trivializing sexual […]

  • Kerala_Chief_Minister_Pinarayi_Vijayan

    Dalit Boy Murdered In Kerala: Pinarayi Vijayan, Care To Answer These Questions?

    There are times when suicides are murders. Rohit Vemula hung himself but he was institutionally murdered by the savarna forces of Hyderbad Central University. One more such murder has happened. This time it is in Kerala/Mallu land – that tiny shithole in India that is called ‘God’s Own Country.’ The hunting ground Vinayakan, the 19 […]

  • RJ_Malishka_in_Red_FM_song

    Why Is Shiv Sena Scared Of This Young Female RJ’s #PotHoleRap?

    There is not one person in Mumbai who hasn’t lost their temper on roads during monsoon. The roads are messy, the traffic is horrible as usual and there are jams even on footpaths. This could be the reason why a parody song stating these in a comical way (which is what parodies do) became an […]

  • protest-at-a-noida-housing-society-Mahagun-Moderne

    Mahagun Moderne: A Community Of Classist, Casteist, Islamophobic Rich People

    Hey residents of Mahagun Moderne, do you have something called shame? Oops! Wrong question. Do you intend to do anything about your shamelessness? For those of you who haven’t had the time to pay attention to the nasty things the residents of this upper class residential society in Noida have been doing to their domestic […]

  • Admissions_board_in_front_of_an_English_looking_building_school

    The Average Indian’s Reservation Problem AKA Casteism

    There is an easy way to know if a person is a pretentious Average Indian [AI]. Ask them what they think of reservation. In a second, a tap of casteism will be opened and you will see yourself soaking wet in regressive Indian ‘upper caste’ thoughts. What I never understood is why the drama. Why […]

  • Kangana_Ranaut_at_miss_malini_event_violet_background

    Kangana Ranaut Stands Vindicated With This Karan Johar And Co. Performance

    How it Started When Kangana Ranaut took on the problem of nepotism in a show hosted by Karan Johar, people had dropped jaws. It had not been done before. It was an open secret that Bollywood was an all-male show run by a few families. Fathers introduced sons and every now and then a cousin […]

  • clown-creepy-grinning-facepaint-representational-purposes-only

    5 Jokes That Aren’t Jokes Or; An Exercise In Being A Dickhead

    Is laughter innocent? You think when you ‘joke’ about rape or a person’s sexual orientation it’s funny? Then your funny bone needs to be broken because these are not jokes. It’s just power. A majority or a power wielding person saying nasty things about a minority or a powerless person or identity. Suppose one day […]

  • Aditi_Mittal_Netflix_trailer_screengrab

    Get Ready To Roll On The Floor, People. Aditi Mittal Is Here

    Yaay! The trailer for comedian Aditi Mittal’s show is here. We know that female comedians are claiming the predominantly male space literally joking through it. Aditi Mittal was one of the first comedians to openly call out the sexism in the industry she worked in. When Amazon Prime signed up 14 comedians for exclusive shows, […]

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