4 Absolutely Embarassing Verdicts From The Indian Courts Which Took Us Back To 18th Century

Shame on you!

Indian judiciary exhibits incredible logic in its verdicts and statements. Hint: Nothing makes sense.

1. He Only Wanted to Burn Her

Yeah, like how Hitler only wanted to kill some Jews. This verdict by Bombay High Court reduced the sentence of a man because his intention was not to kill his wife but only burn her. Yeah, the guy had set fire to his wife. But really, High Court, he only wanted to burn her? You have such a long list of crappy verdicts and statements. They ‘make no sense’ in a nicer language and are ‘absolute shit’ in sensible language. Like the next one.

2. Law Books? Nah, We Prefer the Ramayana, A Work of Fiction

In 2012, the Bombay High Court showed us what it is really capable of: Pathetic analogies. Like in this instance where the court invoked Ramayana. After all those years of studying those books of law this book of fiction is what the judge thought will help citizens get justice. Judge P B Majumdar looked into the matter of a divorce plea by a man who claimed that his wife had deserted him. He spoke thus to the wife: ‘You should go to him. When Sita could join Ram in vanvas, then why can’t you go?’ Yeah sure, will the judge sir be the Laxman who went along like the Vodafone pug?

3. Raped? Marry him!

Justice P Devadass in 2015 must have drawn inspiration by our Laxman ji because in his opinion, the solution for a woman who was raped was to marry the man who raped her. Yeah, makes perfect sense, right? Devadass’s idea of rape and its punishment really tempts one to ask him how he would like his malfunctioning TV to be replaced. With a life long bond which says that the TV and he are to live with each other forever and ever. How does that sound, matchmaker?

4. Wash My Underwear

The matter is a bit more complicated in Erode.Memos served there are not about matters of the court but about the sub judge’s underwear. Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, a sub judge in Erode thought it was completely okay to make a court staff do his washing and god knows what other chores at his place. He sent a memo to the woman asking why she had ‘felt revulsion’ and had thrown his underwear. Err…sub judge saab, what were you thinking? That women will be pleased to wash your honour’s dirty knickers? Now that you have been caught with your underwear down your ankles, why don’t you wash it yourself? P.S What were you taught in law school!

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