5 Cowardly Lies About Abortion That You Need To Know To End The Stigma

Abort in peace

The first rule of about abortion of a foetus is that nobody can talk about the abortion of a foetus. The second rule is that if the first rule is violated, the foetus shall be called a ‘baby’. This normal and common process is a public enemy and everybody thinks it is their responsibility to eradicate this ‘malpractice’. Politicians, religious leaders, the Pope, the list is never ending. Abortion lies are those lies and myths floated around to scare those who wish to abort in peace.

Why this stigma? It is a medical process by which a foetus’s growth is terminated mid-pregnancy due to a lot of reasons. It looks as though these reasons don’t go too well with the public either. What’s the big deal, people? If a woman has the means to be create life, shouldn’t she be the rightful owner of the right to end the same life?

People have been at the task of aborting this stigma for some time. #AbortTheStigma is a campaign which aims not only at implementing the title but also at dispelling many myths about abortion. Yet, every now and then people make sure that they do something stupid to make it clear that they don’t know anything about women or women’s bodies. Or who owns them. For the nth time, women own their bodies. Not courts and Presidents. Seriously, does the government decide on when you shave your pubic hair? So shut up about abortion. In case you really can’t shut up because you have to have your opinion on everything, keep away from lies like these.

1. Abortion is illegal

You might want to it to be but no, it is not. Up till 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is legal to abort it. Most people, even women are not aware of this and popular culture makes sure that the misconception prevails. Remember those scenes in films. All secretive and hush-hush, the pregnant woman is taken to a doctor/a mysterious looking clinic far far away from home by the family or the father of the child. We then see the woman return and it is assumed that the procedure has been done. The truth is that, anyone who is up to ten weeks pregnant can walk into a doctor’s room and demand an abortion with or without the father of the child. It shall be done, just like how they prescribe medicines for illnesses. It’s zimble. Please keep it so.

If the pregnancy is older abortion is still legal. You just need approval from service providers. It is still a mess in a lot of ways but it is getting better and there is hope.

2. Abortions are done in illicit relationships

Nope. Abortions are done for various reasons and ‘illicit relationship status’ is not one of them. A woman might decide to abort because she thinks that she does not have the means to provide for the child. Would you buy a helmet if you can’t afford a bike? No money, no child. Most importantly, it is the woman’s choice.

Pregnancy resulting from rape, those which are hazardous to the mother and even failure of contraception are reasons which end in abortions and these reasons are permitted by law. If a condom just didn’t work and a foetus was formed, you can abort it. And nobody, not even the condom can protest.

3. Abortion means infertility

That’s another one made just to scare women. News Flash: People hardly get scared by stupidity and lack of science. Maybe you are confusing it with alcohol. You drink a lot of vodka and you become impotent sorts. No, abortion and alcohol are two different things. If it weren’t, you would be gulping abortion down the way you do your vodka. Abortion does not make a woman infertile. It only removes a foetus that she doesn’t want in her body. All right?

More of these insights can be found in ‘Obvious Child’, a film which will not only talks about abortion in the most unabashed way possible but also will make you roll on the floor laughing.

4. All abortions involve surgery and you’ll die doing it

Err… What if this idea was floated about fistula? Would your asses like that? That’s what. You see most of the time abortions can be done with pills alone. It’s called a medical abortion. This is the one done during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. After that, a surgical abortion can be done. That’s when the foetus is removed from the uterus by electric or manual vacuum aspiration. These are absolutely safe methods when performed by doctors. Just like any medical procedure. So next time you say that all abortions lead to death, think of your ass allegory.

5. She aborted her poor baby!

No, she aborted a foetus. A baby is that which you see outside a woman’s uterus. You know, the ones whose photos you regularly upload on social media as though it is a trophy? That is a baby. When it is inside a woman’s body it is called a foetus and only that can be aborted. A plan can be aborted. A baby cannot. It can be fed, at best.

Dear courts and popes and y’all so eager to stop a person from aborting a foetus, please think of this. If you got diabetes and you were told to amputate your foot, (just saying) suppose your uncle told you that you can’t do it because it is against your family’s tradition? Even if it means that you’ll die? That uncle is whom you sound like every time you say that a woman needs to ask her family to abort a foetus. Got it?

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