5 Shameless Bollywood Stars Who Went Behind Bars For Crimes They Did With Star Power

They thought they wouldn’t get caught.

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Sometimes in Bollywood, stars think that they should enrich their life experience with some jail time. It’s just that and not that they are criminals, rapists and thugs who can get away with anything they do. Not at all. They are just trying out roles, just to use in films if they ever have to play a convict. After they get out of jail, of course.

Here are 5 Bollywood stars who shamelessly committed crimes went to jail and acted as if nothing happened. No payment for the acting.

1. Saif Ali Khan

Break some nose [Image: Still from ‘Rangoon’ YouTube]
Stars think they can do whatever they want, wherever they want. Saif Ali Khan who recently turned to letter writing, was at Wasabi restaurant in the Taj. He got into a fight with the staff there when they asked him not to create a ruckus. He broke a man’s nose. Yeah, that’s what people think stardom is about. He was arrested and released on bail. But that’s not all of Mr Khan’s criminal history. He was also charged for poaching blackbucks in 1998. Because endangered species of animals should all be killed for no reason.

2. Salman Khan

That’s a long list of crimes [Image: Still from ‘Sultan’ YouTube]
He too, went to jail in the same blackbuck case. He was also accused in a hit and run case where he ran his car over a person, killing him. Four people were injured. However, once you take a look at his statements and actions in public, you might feel that he should have gone to jail on at least a couple of more charges.

Aiswarya Rai had revealed how he used to abuse her even after she ended her relationship with him. Salman Khan had hit her, showed up at her shoots and created a ruckus. He was also accused of slapping Katrina Kaif during the shoot of the film ‘Ek Tha Tiger.’ Nobody knows if it was true but there is yet another thing he did that he should have been charged for. He cracked a rape ‘joke’. That’s right. He said, about the wrestling shots in the film ‘Sultan’ that it was ‘actually like a raped woman walking out.’ I know what else to expect from a woman beater? But at least pretend to be sensible?

3. Sanjay Dutt

Guns and all [Image: Sanjay Dutt walks out of jail. Indian Express]
Didn’t you hear the recent verdict in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case? One of the accused in that case was Sanjay Dutt. The court convicted him and gave 5 years of jail term as punishment and released him in 2016. The charge was that of illegal possession of arms.

In this crime that was actually proven [most cases involving celebrities are pressure packed and complainants are seen mysteriously withdrawing complaints. Like in the case of Madhur Bhandarkar.] he had many supporters. Nobody cared if he had involvement in the case. With other accused, the whole of Mumbai had a collective feeling of vengeance. Everyone wanted everyone hanged. Yet when it came to a Bollywood star, there were even people who said that they would serve the jail term instead of him. [That’s Rakhi Sawant.] Actually this solves a lot of problems, right? People like Rakhi can replace Sanjay Dutt in films, at his home and may be in future bomb blasts. That way, he will never have to go to jail. Again.

4. Shiney Ahuja

Convicted [Shiney Ahuja released on bail, asked to leave Mumbai. Image: NDTV, YouTube]
This man went to jail for raping his domestic help. A Mumbai court sentenced him to 7 years in jail. As usual, a lot of Bollywood came in his support. One was Arshad Warsi who was of the opinion that a lot of people including politicians were freely roaming around and that people were targeting actors. Yeah right. An 18 year old woman who was working as this actor’s domestic help came up with a complaint of rape despite having no support. She knew how powerful the rapist was and how easy it would be for him to influence the case. Yet she complained because like Arshad Warsi said, it is some greater conspiracy to jail all Bollywood stars.

You know what happened? The victim herself turned hostile. Even then, the court convicted the actor based on circumstantial evidence like injuries, presence of semen and on earlier statements. Why don’t you try saying this to save the actor? Someone planted his semen in the scene of crime. He was masturbating and that’s how he bruised his hand. He got bail later but the court asked him to leave Mumbai.

5. John Abraham

Dhoom [John Abraham in Dhoom. YouTube]
He should really make friends with Salman Khan because like him, John Abraham too, was arrested for rash driving. Two people suffered injuries. Could Salman and John have discussed their techniques before going on the road, taking it out on other people on the road?

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