6 Slap-In-The-Face Statements From The Kangana Ranaut – Barkha Dutt Interview That Will Make You Smile


[Image: Simran Trailer, YouTube, T-Series]

We have this problem of paying attention only when celebrities speak. The problem that comes naturally with it is that you end up listening to a lot of crap. Because most celebrities speak just that. This is one of the biggest reasons why Kangana Ranaut made a mark in Bollywood. Just by speaking sense. [Also great acting.] In her latest interview with Barkha Dutt, she took on her abusive relationship(s), the legal fight she is in with Hrithik Roshan, and women’s lives in general.

Here are four great quotes from the interview.

‘I always chose my own freedom over a golden cage, no matter what form it came in. I always chose an open sky even if it comes by sleeping on the pavement even if it comes by sleeping foodless.’

I always chose freedom [Image: Screengrab, Mojo Story, YouTube]
That’s right. We don’t need them stupid golden cages!

And this one about women who internalize patriarchy and thereby be ridiculous in the things they say,

‘I take a lot of pride in being a woman and when a woman does that [accuse Kangana of practising witchcraft] I would be like, ‘Oh Shit! We failed here.’

I take pride in being a woman

‘That’s the idea of creativity, of creative industry – to fight the social demons.’

If only some filmmakers thought like her! We would have been spared many a Bollywood hits. Sigh!

The next one is simply great. When life throws black magic at Kangana, she makes magic out of it.

Women are magical

‘Women are shamed for their extra ordinary superpowers like intuition, instinct, compassion, patience, or just general IQ. This is not black magic. It’s a miracle. It’s magic. Women are magical. We don’t have to be ashamed of our superpowers.’

The one below is kind of a subtle warning, and it’s nicely done.

‘Truth will anyway surface. It’s good for you if you are on its side.’

Oh by the way, the next line tells us that these jerks who have pathetic ‘pick-up lines’, as they are called, exist.

Someone told me, ‘I saw your nude picture’

‘Someone’s telling me, you know what? I saw your nude picture. I was like ‘good for you! Now we share a different kind of intimacy, I guess’

The best one came at the very end of the interview when Barkha asked Kangana what she did when she felt like giving up. The answer is a gem and everyone who has been hounded for some reason or the other can enter it in their bibles. Here goes:

‘When I feel like giving up, I say to myself, ‘Okay, you can give up. But let’s do that tomorrow.’

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