Hotel Employee’s Sari Pulled, Sexually Harassed By Senior. Guess What The Hotel Did?

Reason, what reason?

Hotel Pride Plaza Dining - [Picture Courtesy: Pride Plaza website]

Workplaces are setting the standard really high by proving to be pro sexual harassment every single day. But it looks like Pride Plaza, a five star hotel in Delhi has won the prize in this competition.

What happened?

A woman employee was assaulted by security manager at the hotel. He had pulled the woman’s sari and assaulted her, ANI reported. The CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced. It shows the security officer seated in a room, and another man who the victim said is a ‘team leader’ watching, standing. She said that the team leader was stationed there to make sure that nobody entered the room while she was being molested. The manager asked her if she wanted a gift on her birthday. She declined. He pulled the woman’s sari and she struggled to clench it back and be at a distance from the molester. She said that he had been asking her for sexual favours and that she had been declining for some time.

Then what happened?

The incident  happened on 29th July. The victim called the HR the same night and made a complaint and guess what? No action was taken. 10 points there. That’s the best thing to do when an employee complains of sexual harassment by superior. Just don’t do anything. That’s what you are being paid for. Nice.

But surely, not taking any action is not going to win you a prize in the worst treatment meted out to a sexual harassment complainant. So, they fired the complainant.

Yes. They handed her a termination letter. Not just to her, to the employee who helped her get the CCTV footage that contains incriminating evidence against her boss. The guy who pulled the sari and molested her and the guy who watched without a word of protest have been suspended because that’s what you should do. If a woman says she has been sexually harassed, terminate her. Suspend the perpetrator but first this nasty woman who spoke up should be gotten rid of, right.

The police

Even though the complainant lodged a police complaint and an FIR has been lodged, there has been no arrest. Because they are too busy avoiding arrests of sexual harassers. Who has time for all this sexual harassment nonsense when you are burdened with defending the border. Anti-nationals everywhere. That reminds me of JNU, the government’s favourite anti-national accusation spot. A student of JNU made a complaint of attempted gang rape and molestation there. Guess what the police did. They misbehaved with her and refused to lodge an FIR. This makes for stiff competition with the hotel staff but to clarify a bit, what excuse did you give to not register an FIR? Please include that in the ‘How to Make Life Hell for Sexual Harassment Complainants Manual’ that we know you will soon bring out.

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