We are Chai Biscuit and we like leaving marks. The half crescent on the table after a cup of tea? We like that. Stains are a remembrance of things past. A snail reminds you of the path it crawled through the trail it leaves. A trail of smoke in the sky and you know that a jet plane had just passed. You see yourself thinking about something you read in the afternoon because you just can’t help it? That’s us, leaving a mark in this gigantic digital space, simply because we like stains. Come to chaibiscuit.com to read about everything under the sun which is about something or the other which is not loved enough. About what people think ‘dirty’, we think ‘lovely’. Not allowed in the drawing room discussions? Come on aboard and read as much as you like. We broadcast what is banned.

What to expect

At Chaibiscuit, you are going to find that what is ‘tch tch’, taboo and ‘shush!’ Our attitude towards it – that of merciless satire. We are also interested in change, a thing we fiercely believe in.

How to expect

Listicles, interviews, opinion pieces and short notes on what the world and its people are up to.

What sets us apart

We are us because we are really sick of trying to make sense and have resorted to just joking. Yes, we think that a joke or two about what is wrong with the world is better suited now than pondering over the why’s of it. We are, those who can joke about the house on fire, why it caught fire and how while we are one of those dying in there, getting consumed in fumes as we write. Not too wise? But hey, that’s how things are. Dying is as mundane as living, at Chaibiscuit.

If you want to contribute

Think you can contribute to this mockery of all things terrible? Write to contact@chaibiscuit.com with articles, thoughts, and interesting thingies.

If you want to advertise

Shoot an email to contact@chaibiscuit.com