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According to Karnataka Police, Sexual Assault is the Same as Eve-Teasing


Yet another incident of sexual assault. A minor girl was tied to bushes near KR Puram railway
station, Karnataka and assaulted by a group of 6 boys. We know how difficult it is for rape victims if they decide to report sexual assault or rape. As if those methods weren’t enough to make women lose faith in the system, these abysmal practices are now being rolled out to minor girls as well. That’s what happened to the 12 year old, as reported by The Mumbai Mirror, when she decided to report the assault.

What do you do if you don’t know how to do your job?

This is a simple straightforward question. It can be answered in a simple straightforward way. By everyone. Including the police.The answer to this question is ‘quit’. You quit your job and take up a job in which you know what to do. So, dear police who dealt with the girl and her family who came to you for help, please quit and take up other professions. You will be doing humanity a favour. Not that you care about humanity.

How to question a sexual assault victim

You don’t. You don’t ask male officers to repeat the ordeal she went through over and over again. It says two things about you – one is that you don’t know a thing about the law of the land. If you did, you would have known that a female officer should have spoken to the girl. Second is that you are a dickhead who gets some perverse pleasure out of listening to an incident of sexual assault a hundred times.

Refuse to lodge an FIR

Are you maintaining some sort of checklist where you list out things that should not be done to sexual assault victims? Like in school, do you play games of who gets the highest score in violating all rules? So what’s the prize title? The biggest dickhead in office?

You just became that by telling the girl and her family that you’d teach the culprits a lesson – informally because it was eve-teasing that they had done. Really? When what you should have done is immediately lodge an FIR for rape, you thought that your ‘informal’ tuition class where you teach god knows what will do? And since when is eve-teasing and sexual assault the same thing? It’s okay if your head is full of dung but don’t ever try to shove it down other people’s throats.

Call the complainant to police station. Repeatedly. At Night

It’s one thing to be ignorant and a fool. It is another to be a sadist. You are a combination of all three and may be that is the reason why you thought it was a great idea to summon the girl and her parents to the police station over and over and during night. Where did you say you took training to be a cop? Someone please shut that institute down. It is useless. Anybody who has undergone any kind of training would know that sexual assault victims and women are not to be troubled by calling them to the police station. In fact, you have to go to the complainant in plain clothes.

Given the large numbers of sexual assault and rape that happen in this country, even children know these rules. Yet, you thought you could act all bossy and do random inhuman things. To a sexual assault victim and her family. Let’s forget about the part of the law that says that counseling and legal help should be provided for the victim. What would you know about it.

Victim’s testimony does not matter

So after ten whole days of this torture, the idiots filed an FIR. But wait. Now they are arresting the wrong people. When they girl says that 6 boys assaulted her, the police keep saying that there were just 5. According to the news report they even arrested three people whom the girl said weren’t the culprits.

Dear Karnataka police, you have one job. Do it.

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