Big Boobs, Small Boobs, Man Boobs and Small Penises: Size Matters?

Body shaming in high school: Not fun

Ever been called ‘flat screen TV’? Ever been made fun of for having boobs or being a virgin? You must have been at the receiving end of many types of body shaming if your body happens to be conventionally ‘not beautiful’.


If you have been to school.

Body shaming starts at a very young age and leaves marks on a person’s mentality forever. What a great way to meddle with one’s personality. Especially at an age and place where young minds enter thinking they are going to ‘learn’ stuff. Both boys and girls are shamed for various reasons and here are some of them.

1. Small breasts, big breasts, breasts

Now nobody really knows what the ‘right’ size for a woman’s breast is. Porn might say that it is the size of watermelons, modeling might say that it is the size of apples. Whatever the ‘right’ thing is, there is no end to comments like these in high school

Hey, flatscreen TV/ manchester

People who say this think that it is an ingenious coinage and look at you with puppy eyes seeking appreciation. Solution? Pour of bucket of water over their head so that their high on pathetic jokes wears away. Immediately.

The holy trinity

Big breasts faced jokes like, ‘she is not one person, but three’. Didn’t get it? It’s herself and her two breasts. Yes, there are people who think that this is funny.

Nice sex life, huh

Among boys there exists a belief that girls in high school who have big breasts have them because they have an active sex life. Or men who suck on these girls’ breasts on a regular basis. In other words, for them, such girls are ‘sluts’. The ideal reply to this will be to have two people stationed who will immediately start kneading these boys’ nipples when they make this comment and ask them in return, ‘got big boobs, brother?’

Your daughter needs another bra

Yes, teachers sometimes call parents up to say that their wards will have to be sent to school with a bra over the one they usually wear so that their breasts can be contained. Really? Next time you want to ‘contain’ something can you do that with your stupidity?

Hi piggy tits

For men, having breasts is considered a problem. ‘Pig teets’ is something they get called if they supposedly have what is known as ‘man boobs’. Have you ever thought what a pig would think of you if it knew that you were taking its name to make some pathetic nomenclature? Have some shame, stupid version of Darwin!

2. Penis

You are a nerd so your dick is small

This one tops for the one which uses least amount of logic. There isn’t any at all. If you are good in studies it definitely means that you ‘lack’ in the size of your penis. By that logic, [big brain, small penis] let’s see how it would be if we were to make such random connections between random organs. Big eyes means small balls. Small hands means big toes [Donald Trump, we know your secret now]. Big ears means no belly button. Go figure.

3. Virginity

The rule is quite simple. If you are a girl you will be bullied for losing it. If you are a guy, you will be for not losing it. Even though there are no concrete ways of defining virginity among men, like how women have this thin membrane called hymen, everyone seems to agree that men who haven’t lost their virginity after a certain age, are, impotent. For men, the number of women they have slept with, should be as high as it can get. If the same is true about a girl, it means that she is, no surprises there, a slut.

4. Little Tomy Thin

‘Hey we can count your ribs’

Men shaming men on being thin. Usually accompanied by the blockbuster line,

‘You are thin because you watch porn and masturbate.’

Hmm. So by that logic, all these weight-loss routines and diets are going to go out of business. You just invented an orgasmic (literally) pathway to weight loss! By the way, why do you think masturbating is shameful? It only means that they are getting some pleasure, morons, the same you get when you bully people like them. Only difference? Theirs is a non violent way.

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