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Superheroes to Supermodels

The last time everyone checked, underwear was what was not required while having sex. Then why do all the underwear advertisements portray people as ones ready to have sex?

It was John Berger, who once asked the world to imagine a male body in a traditional nude painting. To show how the whole cycle of objectification of women began and where it was going. Now, objectification has become the norm. The place where it is not even considered so is lingerie publicity. There, it is considered mandatory. But is it? Look at this photo poem where, ‘Let’s do to superheroes what publicity does to women’.

Why not! Lingerie needs models and who other than male superheroes who wear their underwear on top of their pants can be better models for it.


Never understood one thing about women’s underwear. Its purpose. The best and the beautiful were such flimsy pieces of lace that it wasn’t sure if it was meant to be worn on the outside after all. Underwear, in general, comes of great use for women during periods when they are bleeding and have to attach a pad [sanitary napkin] to it. And who in their right mind would want to stick a pad onto delicate stuff like this. Would it even stick! What about stains! So let’s just give them off to Superman who

a) does not bleed and

b) likes exhibiting his underwear.

He could do with some lace.


Aquaman – G String in Water

Women must have been looking for the G-spot (because many men thought all women had one) that the G-string raised its head from the rubbles.

Is it possible to be comfortable with a thin string between your ass? Isn’t that what threadworms are for? Anyway women are still looking for the G-spot that men keep talking about so might as well look at Aquaman of Justice League in the G-string


In case you are wondering if he is wearing anything at all, yes, he is. It’s red and it’s between his butt.


Batman – The Dark Knight in White Lace

For Batman, the Dark Knight, this really chic piece of lingerie which is transparent so that it stands in contrast with his ‘dark’ side will be good. The cape and all those muscles, the fancy gadgets and this one in white which will go absolutely well with his Batman voice. What are you frowning about? Gotham just got fashion conscious, da!


This experiment has got nothing to do with those women who truly love their lingerie flimsy, lacy or super conventional. The lingerie publicity material treat their women models as though they are using it to be seen by someone as opposed to being in them. They are, most of the time, looking at someone looking at them. This is almost always in a posture or gesture which is considered to be sexually inviting. Is it the underwear that people are going to have sex with? So why this kolaveri!

Desi Heroes – Nagraj and Parmanu

Women who love their bras like crazy try to match it with their clothes and sometimes even admire them just as pieces of art. Why then are our advertisements not about that? There are just rare occasions where such a treatment has been given for underwear. Here is one such.



She is happy, she is at home, she is laughing and she is not looking at anyone. She does not even think she is being watched. So nice. But sadly, this sense of abandon or being oneself is rarely present in lingerie advertising. As long as that does not change why can’t we just use our existing models from among superheroes. Aren’t they all advertising their underwear while saving the world in any case. Let us not forget our desi heroes too. Nagraj should not feel left out.



Nor should Parmanu


Let’s conclude with the man we started with. In his book ‘Ways of Seeing’, Berger explains what happens when this switching of bodies is done. ‘Transform the woman into a man. Either in your mind’s eye or by drawing on the reproduction. [Just did that for you] Then notice the violence which that transformation does. Not to the image, but to the assumptions of a likely viewer’ [You]

What it does to one’s assumption is an indication of how we are trained to look at masculinity, sex appeal and women’s bodies. A colleague, for example, shrieked, when he saw Batman and asked who was behind this atrocious idea. Why don’t you take the test, see what it does to you/others around you viewers and figure out where everyone is in terms of these important aspects of gender.

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