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Dalit Boy Murdered In Kerala: Pinarayi Vijayan, Care To Answer These Questions?

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There are times when suicides are murders. Rohit Vemula hung himself but he was institutionally murdered by the savarna forces of Hyderbad Central University. One more such murder has happened. This time it is in Kerala/Mallu land – that tiny shithole in India that is called ‘God’s Own Country.’

The hunting ground

Vinayakan, the 19 year old Dalit youth, was arrested by police. He was subjected to police brutality. They crushed his nipples. Thrashed his genitals. A day after he was released, he killed himself. The police killed an innocent person because he was Dalit.

Mallu land’s shithole-ness is kind of tricky. While most upper caste, upper class Indians have woken up to the reality that the right wing is at their doorstep – we have the #NotInMyName protests as proof – they are clueless about the atrocities that are carried out in Mallu land. Because it is ruled by the Left. So here is the thing. Mallu land is a hunting ground for leftists who are nothing short of right wing Hindu extremists. The difference perhaps is just in the fact that the former theorize violence. It makes one wonder if the Left in Mallu land is getting paid by the Right in the centre.


So, Pinarayi Vijayan, go ahead and answer these questions.

You are the Chief Minister of Mallu land. You are in charge of the police. Police arrested Vinayakan.

Do you know why they arrested him?

Okay you are taking too long to respond. Not just to us, you haven’t uttered a word about this till now so we’ll enlighten you. And do something about your ears. Looks like you are going deaf.

According to the report in Narada News, they did it because the boy

  • was dark complexioned
  • had long hair
  • was Dalit

Do you think these are reasons enough to arrest a person?

The police said to his father that the boy was arrested because he was doing drugs. The proof was that he had long hair.

Does this make any sense to you?

Never mind. Sense is something you lost long time ago, when you unleashed your police on people in Puthuvype.

This brings us to the last question.

Are you willing to accept that you are an anti-dalit, anti-human, right winger who can’t tell your ass from your elbow?

It doesn’t hurt to be honest. Try it sometime.

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