5 Lines Brahmin Savarnas Should Stop Saying Right Away

You should have stopped yesterday

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1. I belong to a ‘so called’ upper caste.

Dei. Caste is a social reality. There is nothing ‘so called’ about it. If you are deriving privileges from the exploitative caste system, there is nothing to deny there. You belong to an upper caste. Stop saying ‘so called’.


2. I am a Brahmin ‘by birth’.

See. I am no way interested to know if you are a Brahmin by normal delivery or cesarean or test tube or immaculate conception. As far as we all know, birth is mostly the only way one can become a Brahmin. I understand that there are exceptions like in the case of say, M. S. Subbulakshmi. But it isn’t the norm. So stop using this redundant ‘by birth’ term. Learn to handle your guilt in other progressive ways.


3. My parents are Brahmins

Yeah, right! Your parents are Brahmins. And caste system has magically terminated in their generation. Stop trying to wash your hands off the exploitative caste system by attributing it to your parents. You too derive privileges off it just like them.


4. I am a Brahmin by birth but I was brought up in a caste-less way

Caste less-ness happens only in Jupiter. Unless you are in Jupiter, stop claiming this. Okay-va?


5. I don’t believe in caste. So that makes me caste-less

You might believe in Shaktimaan. But he still doesn’t exist. As you can see, social reality is not tied to your beliefs. So stop saying that.


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Written by Rajesh Rajamani


Rajesh Rajamani writes a web comic series called Inedible India. His interests lie in caste, gender and cinema. He is currently based out of Bangalore.


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