‘Help Me, They’re Beating Me Up’ Says Hadiya – An Adult Woman Under House Arrest In Kerala

A group of five women had gone to giver her gifts

[Image: Shafin Jahan, Facebook]

Hello from Kerala. This place is certainly special because this is perhaps the only place where an adult woman will be kept under house arrest by her parents with the support of Sangh Parivar, judiciary and the police. Don’t believe it? Welcome to Dr. Hadiya’s world. Oh wait. You are not welcome. Her parents, Sangh goons and the police wouldn’t let you in.

Why is this happening?

The obvious answer is that nobody in Mallu Land understands the concept of human rights, rights of women and independence. Everyone is happily Islamophobic. The events that prove these are the following: Hadiya married a Muslim and converted to Islam. She was born as a Hindu so the Hindu goons (this includes her own parents) thought that she should be taught a lesson because hey, she is 5 years old, what does she know! [No, Hadiya is an adult and she knows.]

The court turned out to be equally unaware of human rights. Funny, coming from a court. They annulled her marriage. That’s right. If you are a Hindu woman who converted to Islam, the state will decide the fate of your marriage. Don’t ask why this never happened with Muslims who converted to Hindusim or Christians who became Hindus or Hindus who became Christians. Islam is a barbaric religion – say people who used to find Sati okay. Who make women wear vermilion to ‘mark’ their state of being married. Hadiya was sent under her parents’ custody and nobody has been allowed to see her since. Oh yeah, there was one time a spokesperson of Hindu ideals and crap was let in but that’s okay, because Hindu.


On 30th August, 2017, a group of five women set out to Hadiya’s place to give her some presents ahead of Onam, a festival of Mallus. They call the campaign #HugHadiya.

Guess what happened? Sangh Parivar goons attacked them. In front of the police. They targeted those women who were wearing head scarf (a visibly Muslim sign) and attacked one of them. They arrested her husband. Nobody knows for what reason. Could be because there isn’t one. Her parents told the five women that they knew what to give Hadiya and didn’t want their presents. In the midst of all this, Hadiya cried from inside her room, through the window. ‘I need help, they are beating me up.’

One of the women from #HugHadiya campaign spoke from in front of Hadiya’s house. [Image: Inji Pennu, Facebook]
There is something seriously wrong with parenting in this nation. That’s your present to your daughter? Beating her up? Incarceration?

Wow! Slow clap, mallus! An adult woman who is perfectly capable of making decisions on her own has been under house arrest by her own parents for three months and you think it’s okay. Tell us something. Suppose someone abducted you and put you in a kennel. For a year. Would you like it? Would you like it if they beat up people who came to see you? How would anyone know if you are beating poisoned or beaten up or even fed? Yet, nobody seems to be questioning this huge human rights violation that’s going on in what only idiots can call ‘God’s Own Country.’

Read about the protest that was held in Mumbai to release Hadiya here

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