In Kerala, There Is An Army Of Fascists In The Making And They Are Called Communists

SFI activists called the women ‘dalit terrorists’

Kaladi Sanskrit University [Image: Wikipedia]

Two dalit women were beaten up by SFI [Student Federation of India, the student wing of CPI[M]] in Nattakom, Kottayam, Kerala. It is time to call it what it is. When the rest of the nation is battling against the right wing, in Kerala, the leftists are taking over the land with their fascism with the support of the people who voted them to victory.

Anyone who knows the SFI – the ‘student’ wing of CPI[M], knows their history of violence on campuses that they seem to be quite proud of. It is interesting to note how a lot of such instances happen because of what they think is their enhanced sense of morals. In other words, SFI is the biggest organ of moral policing in the Kerala campuses. Now that CPI[M] is in power, they are only too happy to beat up students who they think are up to something immoral. This is a really dangerous threat because SFI, like most fascists, consider a woman and a man even been seen together as ‘immoral’. Don’t believe me?

University College

In February 2017, SFI members of University college, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala beat up two women students and their male friend for ‘sitting together’ to watch a play. All three of them were physically assaulted and the male friend was taken to another room where he was beaten up again. The women were molested but the police refused to include that in the charges in the FIR. Yes, you will see more of police’s inaction in any incident in Kerala that involves CPI[M].


This time in Nattakom too, the comrades seem to have got provoked by the sight of a male among women. In an audio recording of the incident that has been released online, two Dalit women who were students of Government College were there to collect the security deposit when SFI goons appeared and started questioning them. In the audio they repeatedly ask the women questions like what they are doing and who the man was. You can hear another person interfere asking around 7 SFI members to stop the physical assault. One of the women is also heard asking if it was bleeding.

The two women were later admitted to Kottayam Medical College and once again the police proved their inefficiency and bias by refusing to take the statement of the dalit women.

Soon after that news came from Kaladi Sanskrit University, Kerala about another of SFI’s doings.

Kaladi Sanskrit University

Dalit women research scholars are being threatened at this place of learning by SFI members. You know why? Because some students took off an SFI poster from the girls’ hostel. They said that according to the rules posters were not allowed in the hostel. Whether or not this is the case, SFI threatened the women with death and dire consequences.

Sexual Harassment

One of the women students wrote about the issue on Facebook. According to her, Rakesh Blathur, an SFI supporter intimidated a dalit student in the library by staring at her. Abdu Rahman, Muraleedharan seemed to want to make their point clear about sexual harassment. They told the women that they need only bother about menstruation and the blood drops in toilet. ‘You wouldn’t need a napkin now that you use (menstrual) cups, isn’t it?’ These are some of the words of wisdom that came from these comrades.

In Blathur’s own words, he only asked ‘gently’ how the dalit student could speak ill of their government that gave her beneficial schemes and fellowships. Now we know where these student leaders draw their power from. They think that every student, dalit, woman owes it to the government of Kerala for the various schemes. Never mind that the ‘schemes’ are in place because of the long cruel years of discrimination that continues even now. Dalit women have to be ‘loyal’ to the party and by the look of it, even to the posters.

The Kerala RSS

If you haven’t got it already, here is the truth. There is an RSS forming in Kerala. It has been for many years now and now they are in power. While Kerala is always praised for being that one state that does not let the ‘fascist forces’ enter their land, the truth is something else. They don’t need outsiders to implement fascism. They have their desi brand and it is called CPI[M].

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