Documentary Film ‘India’s Daughter’ Retells The Story of Rape Of Jyoti Singh

We all know Jyoti Singh aka Nirbhaya. We aren’t proud of the way the case was handled. We can never be happy about the safety concerns of women in most Indian locales. The whole incident shook us, shook our souls. And now, we’re shaken again as BBC retells us of the fateful evening – December 16, 2012 – a horrid day for women, a horrid day for India, a horrid day for India’s Daughters, through its documentary film, ‘India’s Daughter’.

Is this really the ‘rarest of rare’ cases as described by the presiding judge? Are we finding a scapegoat or making an example to other such rapists through these people? Why do we as a nation allow such people to manifest and thrive? It is time we answered these questions.

The documentary has interviews with one of the culprits who was sent to jail. The Government of India has imposed a ban on the film and BBC later took down the film from its YouTube channel. This film, however is the stark reality of India and its rape culture.

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