Kangana Ranaut Stands Vindicated With This Karan Johar And Co. Performance

No fucks given

How it Started

When Kangana Ranaut took on the problem of nepotism in a show hosted by Karan Johar, people had dropped jaws. It had not been done before. It was an open secret that Bollywood was an all-male show run by a few families. Fathers introduced sons and every now and then a cousin of this person or a brother of that person would make a debut. Talent or acting skills never mattered in Bollywood. But when Kangana called it out in front of a person who practises nepotism and perhaps even is a product of it, things turned ugly.

Karan Johar said that Kangana was playing the ‘woman and victim card.’ Hmmph. Looks like his retorts are as lame as his movies. Kangana gave a badass reply to him and it looked as if it was over and Karan Johar had finally shut up. But what happened at the IIFA awards in New Jersey, proved otherwise.

Male-Pride Hurt

According to the Huffingtonpost India report, three products of nepotism, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan made fun of Kangana Ranaut. Why? Primarily because they’re all people bathed in male-pride and also because they were stupid enough to prove Kangana right by opening their mouths. It can’t get funnier. They managed to do prove Kangana’s point without her having uttered a single word.

Saif Ali Khan started it by telling Varun Dhawan that he owed his career to his father [director David Dhawan]. Dhawan replied saying Khan was there because of his mother [actor Sharmila Tagore]. Karan Johar, as usual, could not keep quiet, and said that he was there because of his father [Dharma Productions’ founder Yash Johar.]

Umm…konjam doubt, misters, wasn’t that exactly what Kangana had said? Never mind. You probably didn’t get the meaning of nepotism. What followed was even better. The three sang a chorus: ‘Nepotism rocks.’ I think all three of them mistook the award function for their personal diaries or twitter accounts.

Dhawan thought it would be better to state the obvious and sang ‘bole choodiyaan, bole kangana’ to which Karan Johar said that it was better if Kangana didn’t speak at all and that she spoke a lot. [‘Kangana naa hi bole toh achha hai … Kangana bahut bolti hai.’]

Of course. That is what you think of women who have an opinion of their own, women who criticize you on your face. But thanks to you three, the world now knows what Bollywood is about. Kangana stands vindicated and is probably laughing her head off listening to the crap you said.

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