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Why Are Kerala’s CPI(M) Cyber Warriors Defending Their CM’s Sex Organ Against Chithralekha As If It’s Their Property?

Because. Dalit. Woman. Fighter.

[Image: Chithralekha, Facebook]

Trigger Warning: Sexually explicit comments, description of sexual violence.

So the strangest thing happened. Well, not so strange if you consider recent developments in Mallu Land. CPI(M)’s history with women, dalits and minorities is as bad as it can get. But guess what, they work hard to outshine themselves. All. The. Time. This time they decided that they should harass a woman who has been leading a one person battle against CPI(M)’s caste discrimination and violence against her.


Chithralekha, a dalit woman from Kannur, Kerala, became a target of the leftist trade union when she decided to earn her livelihood driving an auto-rickshaw. The other males and members of the CPI(M) affiliated trade union just couldn’t stand it. Find it unbelievable? Nope. It is a well-known fact that these progressive leftists often feel that they owe it to patriarchy and casteism big time. They pay homage to these oppressive ideas every now and then so that they feel blessed by their ideology, which is said to be communism. So they

  • Called her and her mother sex-workers [For all the progressiveness they preach, calling a woman a sex worker is the first insult the lefties can think of.]
  • Hurled casteist slurs at her.
  • Burnt her auto-rickshaw.
  • Tore her auto-rickshaw’s hood
  • Ran a poster campaign saying that she was a drunkard. [Progress just oozes out of communists when they say that a woman drinking is definitely material for a smear campaign.]
  • Beat Chithralekha and her husband up.
  • Filed false cases against her and her husband.

Now one might think that they managed to jerk off quite a bit with this kind of torture directed at a dalit woman. But no, they went ahead and successfully barred the earlier government’s decision of granting her a house. Because you know, they just couldn’t control themselves when they got an underprivileged target. Such communism. Much wow.

Communists contribute

So then it was no surprise that CPI(M) cyber warriors attacked her when she put up a Facebook post asking if people could contribute to her with her strike against the atrocities. Warriors just flooded her timeline with comments that said that she was eating people’s money. That she had staged the violence done to her. That she already had a house. Some of them even scoffed saying that she should make money by working. Yep – that’s how CPI(M) logic works. First take away a woman’s right to work. Then ask her to make money by using the same right to work. I think these people add banana to chutney thinking it’s coconut.

Pinarayi’s sex organ

When this continued, Chithralekha retorted to the many innuendos and scornful comments with, ‘CPI(M) does not pawn Pinarayi’s dick to obtain money for strikes. They do it by asking people for contributions.’ She used a variant of penis that is considered a swear word in Malayalam.

That was all it took for our warriors to verbal rape, slut shame and abuse her for hours on end. Let me tell you, these CPI(M) cyber warriors are a real threat to the right wing warriors. At least they don’t defend the PM’s sex organ as if it is their employer or family. They have only got as far as his chest.

But the truth is, such a comparison is not even required. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is definitely not supposed to stand for violence against dalits, women, minorities. Yet, let me present to you the kind of things the cadres told Chithralekha for having named their CM. Oops. Not him. Just his penis.

Please come to my abode with your burnt to black cunt (sic)

I will ejaculate in her mouth

I won’t get an erection even if she appears naked

Don’t exhibit your black cunt (sic)

Do you pawn your husband’s penis when you need money?

Is it because your husband does not insert his penis properly in your vagina or is it a psychological move so that you can have comrades’ penises inside your vagina?

You –

Were born because your father pawned his penis somewhere.

Pawn your vagina to everyone there and earn money by it.

Are a prostitute and it’s not your auto that should be vandalised.

I –

Need two plates of your vagina.

Dont like your black (sic) vagina

Replace the sex organs with their corresponding swear words in your mothertongue to feel even worse. So here is a question for you people.

How does it feel to verbally rape a woman online? How does it feel to be a verbal rapist and then go back to your family and friends to lead a ‘normal’ life?

The Chief Minister

So you decided that if a woman swore or spoke about the CM’s penis, you would come to his (penis’s) defence. Pray tell us why.

Does his sex organ feed you? Does it clothe you or pay your bills? You said you would rape this woman when she used a swear word that is very common among males and even used in friendly banter by some. What were you doing when the same woman was called all sorts of names by your party members? She was abused with casteist slurs. What were you doing then? Nothing.

So in that case, wouldn’t it be safe to say that you are not warriors of CPI(M) but that of the penis of the Chief Minister? So do tell us how it feels to be in that position. On second thoughts, no. Please don’t tell anyone how it feels.

Pinarayi Vijayan, now it is your turn to answer. People are defending your penis by verbally raping a dalit woman on Facebook. Do you condone this? Please make clear in what way these people are related to you. Or else, I take it as a ‘yes’ to the question ‘are they your employees?’

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