Let’s Talk About What’s Wrong With The ‘Padmavati’ Trailer: Hint – Everything

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Why Does Bhansali do What he Does?

Okay, it’s true. We are Indians and we like lots of jewellery, royal attire, war, drama and all that can make a really successful Bollywood film. For Sanjay Leela Bhansali to do it is even more easy. Practice. He just doesn’t know how to make small scale films – just ain’t got the genes, I say. For making films that concern ordinary citizens, he’ll first have to be an ordinary citizen and think like them. How can a person do that being a wealthy film director who, like is the norm, is casteist and Islamophobic to the core?

The internet and the film fraternity are all so excited about the director’s upcoming film ‘Padmavati’s trailer that was released a couple of days ago. Are these folks blind or deaf to ‘unsee’ and ‘unhear’ the problems that are too obvious in the trailer? If you haven’t noticed it yet it’s because you have normalised casteism and Muslim hatred so much so that you think it’s well, normal.

What’s Wrong?

Everything. The trailer is about how great a caste Rajputs are. And how barbaric and uncivilized Muslims are.

Now to those who say that it is just the retelling of history, whom are you trying to fool? I would really like to see the research they did – if they did any at all – to include such details to the film. The mannerisms and attire of people? Were all these written in pages of history too? What are these records, may we know?

The truth is that it is still not sure if this story of Padmavati ever happened. It is supposed to have happened in 13th century. The details are from a poem that was written about the incidents. It is not even sure if the poem was fictional or based on real events. It is even said that the whole thing was an allegory. In short, no one is sure that this story ever happened. For the same reason, there is not really any data on the details of these events. So, Bhansali sir, could you explain the following things in your trailer? [So that we don’t have to ask these again after watching the film, which I am sure, will stick to the essence of the trailer.]

What is with glorifying Rajputs?

Why would anyone glorify a caste? That too in India where people kill in the name of caste? After so many suicides of so many Dalit students in prestigious universities, at a time when author Kancha Ilaiah is facing death threats for writing about casteism in this country! Would you hold a special screening for him at his place so that you can say that you think that Rajputs are the best caste in the country? At his place because death threats immobilizes a person, you know. While you run around promoting your expensive film, people are actually killing people because of caste. Heard a name called Gauri Lankesh?

And Islamophobia?

As though that wasn’t enough, Bhansali’s images are replete with anti-Muslim sentiments. Really, after Akhlaq, Junaid and many more Muslims slaughtered, when the centre is trying everything they can to make India a ‘Hindu nation,’ you thought you could be carelessly Islamophobic in your film.

Don’t tell us that it is history. History is unsure of the incidents you have portrayed. And even if the events did happen, what made you think that the Rajputs are great and that the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji, was a barbaric monster? Can you explain this shot in which you show him as a person eating meat like an animal? That’s what your history books said?

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Why do the flags look like that of Pakistan?

Too Obvious [Image: YouTube]
Why is Padmavati wielding a trishool? [a trident] Isn’t the story that the woman, along with a lot of other women set fire to themselves? Rajputs set fire to themselves using trishool?

Subtle job with the trishool, there [Image: YouTube]
Yeah, right! Don’t take your audience to be idiots. You even say that the rajputi bangles have the same strength as the rajputi swords. Are you trying to also defy Physics while making a pointless film?

Here are some of the witty responses to the trailer that surfaced. Have fun!



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And these tweets

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