Mithali Raj And Sweaty Armpits Say The Same Thing: Shut Up About Our Bodies

Someone thought they could body-shame the Indian cricket captain

Mithali Raj [Photo courtesy: Mithali Raj, Twitter]

Why? Why do you think that you can say crap to women and get away with it? Oh wait that’s what you have been taught for generations. That a woman is everyone’s property. Everything that is hers, her body, her relationship, life etc. are public property. Anyone can say anything about it all.

Please wake up.

Now look around you. This here is called the real world. In it, you face real consequences for your actions unlike in the false paradise you slip into every time you are on social media where you treat celebrities, especially women, like your objects of entertainment.

That’s what happened the other day when the Indian women’s cricket team captain, Mithali Raj posted a picture on twitter. A loser-oops-user thought it was the befitting moment to say that Mithali’s picture was ‘odd looking’ because her armpit sweat was showing. Before we move to Mithali’s reply, let us observe a minute of silence for this person who only saw armpit sweat and not four women cricketers, happy. It’s hard to detect happiness when there is none in your own life.

Mithali Raj posted this picture on Twitter and all one user saw was her armpit sweat. She had the best reply.

If this twitterati was someone who was in the habit of reading news, they would’ve known that Mithali was a totally wrong choice to mess with. If the user was in the habit of reading feminism they would have known that it was totally wrong to mess with any woman like that. Anyway, looks like the twitterati was doing neither and said this.


Mithali replied to this nonsense thus: ‘I am where I am because I sweated on the field! I see no reason to be ashamed of it, when I’m on the ground inaugurating a cricket academy.’

In other words, shut up.

Women’s bodies – Not public property

So really, what is everyone’s problem? Whatever the society has taught you and you have painstakingly learned from various irrelevant and idiotic sources, the fact remains that women are people. So women have armpits. They have hair. It sweats. When it sweats, it shows. Now where are you in all of this? That’s right. NOWHERE.

This is the second time Mithali is shutting someone up because: lots of idiots out there. Earlier, she was asked who her most favourite male cricketer was. She replied with a question. Would you have asked the same to a male cricketer? Well, would you? And you, armpit crazy twitter loser, please go get a life. Team up with that reporter or something.

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