10 Finger-licking Good Beef Dishes To Try In Mumbai Before Beef Ban Kicks In

Hurry up!

As you already know, the Maharashtra Government has banned beef in the entire state. This means we will have to bid adieu to some of the most delicious and comforting food ever. Before the ban kicks in, you MUST try the best stuff Mumbai has to offer.


What: BIG Beef Burger

Where: The Table, Colaba


Big, fat and juicy – just how I like my burgers! This burger is simply outstanding and by far the Best you will get in the city.


What: Right Size Beef Burger

Where: Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel

Now, not everyone knows how to enjoy that awesome Big, Fat burger without making a mess. So here’s another meaty, hearty one which is just the right size. Don’t let the size fool you though, coz it’s packed with yumness!


What: Beef Kabab

Where: Sarvi, Byculla West


There is nothing better than this succulent and tender beef seekh kabab which is crisp on the outside and just melts in your mouth when you pop it in! How Sarvi makes it so good is a secret well guarded since its 90 years of dishing out the most delicious grills.


What: Steaks that Come with a Price

Where: Two One Two, Worli

grilled beef steaks with spices on wooden cutting board

With its imported cow meat, over five different types of cuts, delectable selection and impeccable quality, chefs at Two One Two have mastered the art of creating the perfect steaks. Though they charge an arm and a leg, just give it a shot. Who needs limbs when you’ve got steak so fine for such a short time?!

What: Mid-range Steaks

Where: Indigo, Colaba

Okay, so you want your limbs intact and yet taste the awesomeness steaks bring? Head to Indigo (not Delicatessen). You get to taste real beef for almost cheap. And the steaks are the closest you will find to a work of art. Note: the sides by themselves are also droolworthy!

What: Affordable Steaks

Where: Salt Water Cafe, Bandra West

Steaks here are a serious steal! Oh and did someone just say alcohol on your beef? Can’t get better than this!

What: Cheap Steaks (no pun intended)

Where: Imbiss, Bandra West

If there’s one place which offers good steak for a price that is beyond value for money, it is here. Though it is slightly difficult to locate and shut on Mondays, the tender, juicy, grilled to choice steak with mashed potatoes is a quick fix for any blues. All this without a hole in the pocket.


What: Beef Teriyaki

Where: Leopold Cafe and Bar, Colaba


The only thing better than meat? Fried meat, which is why their tempura-battered/ panko-breaded/ deep-fried with Japanese mayo, and teriyaki sauce (obviously) is a can’t-miss!


Beef on Mumbai. *drools*

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