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#MumbaiForHadiya: Student Organizations Take To Streets Demanding Justice For Hadiya

The protest was held at Dadar East station

Students from various universities gathered to protest the injustice being done to Hadiya

You know about Hadiya, right?

If you don’t, please wake up. Listen. Hadiya is an adult woman. She was born into a Hindu family. As an adult, she converted to Islam. She married a Muslim man. And now, the infamous judicial system of this land, decided that these two adults won’t have a say in their own marriage. Guess what the court did? It annulled the marriage. As if that was not stupid enough, the court sent this adult woman under her parents’ custody. Now, she is locked in her house. This incarceration is the result of joint efforts by her father and the RSS goons who are always buzzing around her house.

Some weeks ago, a group of six women had gone to her house. They were attacked by the RSS goons. Oh by the way, they made sure that they physically assaulted the one woman who was wearing hijab. The police arrested her husband. Don’t ask why. There never is any reason required if a person has a Muslim name.

Though a little late, it is fantastic news that Mumbai has woken up to this huge human rights violation that is being done to an adult woman. When the six girls visited Hadiya’s house, she had cried out of the window that she was being beaten. Yesterday, a group of students representing various organizations gathered at Dadar [East] and held a protest. Here are some highlights in pictures.

A woman speaks at the protest

Most people spoke about why it was important to fight against the fascist state. They spoke about the human rights violation that was being done to Hadiya.

Some posters at the gathering

Yeah really, Supreme Court. Don’t you think it is a little silly when you ask NIA to look into a marriage? You sound like a peeping Tom when you say that, you know.

There were these two children who couldn’t help but dance to the music by the Dalit organizations.

There were these uncles who thought they’d pose to be really important people. They tried to order these women around and told them that they couldn’t protest there. These women just went ahead and starting the music and drowned their voices in it. It’s fun to watch when people’s plans fail. With respect to women.

These women were the heart of the protest, singing their lungs out against the right wing.


Another speaker
Some of the organizations that came out to protest
Even the police seemed to be participating, reading the pamphlet that the protestors distributed at the location

One person had come wearing a ‘Justice For Hadiya’ T-shirt.

Justice For Hadiya

Oh by the way, mallu land, if you are capable of thinking, this means that the protests will go on till the time you release Hadiya from the prison that is her house. If you are not capable of thinking, just release her already because others are thinking and thoughts are notorious for changing things.

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