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Get Ready To Roll On The Floor, People. Aditi Mittal Is Here

It’s too good

Yaay! The trailer for comedian Aditi Mittal’s show is here. We know that female comedians are claiming the predominantly male space literally joking through it. Aditi Mittal was one of the first comedians to openly call out the sexism in the industry she worked in. When Amazon Prime signed up 14 comedians for exclusive shows, they didn’t think it was super sexist that there were no women in it. Soon after that, Netflix signed up Aditi.

And now, the trailer for her show is here. Her show is called ‘Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say’ and looks like she is great at saying things they wouldn’t let her say. Like we’ve seen in the past, she speaks of things which are taboo.

The Trailer

It’s great that Netflix did it but don’t forget that they did it because of Aditi’s kickass performance and hard work. The special will be released on July 18. Shh…what’s that? Oh! Why is someone crying listening to jokes? Oh! That’s Amazon weeping for not having signed her up. Didn’t no one tell you that women will always have the last laugh?

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