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    Mahagun Moderne: A Community Of Classist, Casteist, Islamophobic Rich People


    Hey residents of Mahagun Moderne, do you have something called shame? Oops! Wrong question. Do you intend to do anything about your shamelessness? For those of you who haven’t had the time to pay attention to the nasty things the residents of this upper class residential society in Noida have been doing to their domestic […]

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    The Average Indian’s Reservation Problem AKA Casteism


    There is an easy way to know if a person is a pretentious Average Indian [AI]. Ask them what they think of reservation. In a second, a tap of casteism will be opened and you will see yourself soaking wet in regressive Indian ‘upper caste’ thoughts. What I never understood is why the drama. Why […]

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    5 Jokes That Aren’t Jokes Or; An Exercise In Being A Dickhead


    Is laughter innocent? You think when you ‘joke’ about rape or a person’s sexual orientation it’s funny? Then your funny bone needs to be broken because these are not jokes. It’s just power. A majority or a power wielding person saying nasty things about a minority or a powerless person or identity. Suppose one day […]

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    Get Ready To Roll On The Floor, People. Aditi Mittal Is Here


    Yaay! The trailer for comedian Aditi Mittal’s show is here. We know that female comedians are claiming the predominantly male space literally joking through it. Aditi Mittal was one of the first comedians to openly call out the sexism in the industry she worked in. When Amazon Prime signed up 14 comedians for exclusive shows, […]

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    Vagina Tightening Is Back. Guess What They Want Inside Your Vagina Now


    Whiten and Tighten Lo and behold women, your vaginas are being pampered. Oops. Tightened. Tightened is the word. The world somehow thinks that the vagina is some sort of a screw. [Pun intended by the market] It holds things [like the penis] in place and it has to be tight. If it becomes loose, you […]

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    4 Times Indian Jails Proved They Were Good At Killing People


    The most recent incident in the long list of atrocities inflicted on inmates at various Indian jails have come out. Oh, nothing to worry about, right? They were all bad people anyway. Jailed for crimes. What is the big deal if a few are killed. Of course. Would you say the same if your children […]

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    5 Times Female Comedians Totally Rocked By Joking About Taboo Topics


    Aditi Mittal became the first Indian woman comedian to be signed by Netflix. It was a humorous revenge. Amazon Prime Video had signed 13 comedians from India for their specials earlier. Only difference? All 13 of them were men. That’s right. When they decided to do a show taking in comedians from India it looked […]

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    Honey Trap: Dafuq Is That Journos? Do Some Journalism Instead


    Heard about ‘honey trap’? Why? Why have you heard of it when it is something that should be unheard of? Using women to to ‘trap’ people in a news story? Does that even qualify as journalism? Sex is trap? Since When? ‘Honey trap’ is that practice in journalism which people believe is an ‘effective’ means […]

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    Salient Features of Bollywood Film Songs: It Starts With Pelvis


    Ever since there was Bollywood, there was the song. Invoking our ‘fine’ tradition of arts, love for dance and music, this ingredient in popular films evolved in ways that are unimaginable (read disgusting) over the years. To add to it, the dance that is considered absolutely necessary along with the song turned into a show […]

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    Dear Anti-Romeo Squad, Women Need Your Protection. Please Provide It


    Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. It shocked no one. It could not, after Modi and Trump. Like promised, Yogi sprung into action with his ‘anti-Romeo’ squads. The government would protect the Bharatiya nari from eve-teasing and harassment. Like how feminists had predicted, it turned out to be an exercise in moral […]

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    5 Super Weird Guidelines The Hindu Samiti Has For Women: It Starts With Your Hair


    Everybody knows about the horribly funny Hindu Janajagruti Samiti which said that women should never leave their hair untied. Reason? It will invite ‘negative energies’ which will result in ‘depression, worry, increased sexual thoughts leading to promiscuity’. Wondering what this Samiti aims at? A Hindu rashtra. That’s right. The pathway to this Bharat is through […]

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    Hindi Speaking Parliament. What’s Next? Sanskrit Speaking Schools?


    Hindi Speaking Parliament The President of India and the Union ministers give their speeches in English. Mostly. But this could change. Soon. President Pranab Mukherjee will soon decide,  if speeches by central and state ministers will now deliver speeches in English or Hindi. Given the growing (right wing) urge to encourage the use of Hindi […]

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    Check Out Our Awesome New Lingerie Models: They Are Super!


    Superheroes to Supermodels The last time everyone checked, underwear was what was not required while having sex. Then why do all the underwear advertisements portray people as ones ready to have sex? It was John Berger, who once asked the world to imagine a male body in a traditional nude painting. To show how the […]

  • Up Yours

    Hot Why Are Kerala’s CPI(M) Cyber Warriors Defending Their CM’s Sex Organ Against Chithralekha As If It’s Their Property? Trigger Warning: Sexually explicit comments, description of sexual violence. So the strangest thing happened. Well, not so strange if you consider recent developments in Mallu Land. CPI(M)’s history with women, dalits and minorities is as bad [...]
  • The Hot Cup

    Hot Why Are Kerala’s CPI(M) Cyber Warriors Defending Their CM’s Sex Organ Against Chithralekha As If It’s Their Property? Trigger Warning: Sexually explicit comments, description of sexual violence. So the strangest thing happened. Well, not so strange if you consider recent developments in Mallu Land. CPI(M)’s history with women, dalits and minorities is as bad [...]
  • Name & Shame

    In Kerala, There Is An Army Of Fascists In The Making And They Are Called Communists Two dalit women were beaten up by SFI [Student Federation of India, the student wing of CPI[M]] in Nattakom, Kottayam, Kerala. It is time to call it what it is. When the rest of the nation is battling against [...]
  • Changing Times

    Supreme Court On Hadiya: How Can HC Annul Marriage of a 24 Year Old Woman? There are times when miracles happen. Our judicial system speaking sense is sadly, one of those. Today, the words that it said has given hope for women that their decisions matter. Otherwise, in India we are told that our decisions [...]
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    5 Types Of Sexual Harassment On Flights That Airlines Don’t Care About


    Air India banned Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad from flying for misbehaving with their staff. It was indeed heartening to see a politician being made to face the consequences of a crime he did. It doesn’t usually happen that way over here, you know. MP Ravindra Gaikwad apologized and the airlines weren’t happy with the […]

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    4 Path Breaking Commercials That Said No To Stereotypes


    Has there been any time when you sang the jingle for Nima soap commercial ‘Nima Rose Nima Rose’ and you did not get a ‘Roz roz Nima Rose’ in return? That’s how powerful the advertising industry is. See how TV commercials in India took baby steps towards something we all like: Progress. In the beginning […]

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