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    5 Bollywood Stars Who Spoke Up About Depression – A Mental Illness

    Mural on the en:Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery

    The mental illness stigma Talking about depression or for that matter, any mental illness, in any capacity, is major faux pas in India. Rather it is a cause célèbre, world over. Considering W.H.O. predicts that depression would be the most prevalent of epidemics in the coming years, it seems regressive of us. I can create […]

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    Periods And Its Many Names That We Don’t Need


    Let’s talk about periods In the age when Period Panties are sold (you read that right, smalls that are a substitute for sanitary pads), talking about periods seems obvious. Yet, talking about menstruation is beyond the pale. Saying the word itself is a taboo. Well, why else would we have bazillion period euphemisms? Technically, there […]

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    Multiple Bans In Less Than A Week Of Modi Government


    ANNNDDDDDD HERES ANOTHER BAN! What is happening? We are just four days into the week and our beloved Indian Government has banned multiple things already! And the latest one dampening all my spirit. Just when I keyed in the piece on a Bollywood version for 50 Shades of Grey and was all excited, I should […]

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    Fifty Shades of Grey With Bollywood Stars: How Would It Look


    I am obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey! If you have ever read the book or heard about it or watched the Hollywood trailer perhaps, then you might too be as keen to Fifty Shades of Grey as me. I’ve been tracking it right from the start and have watched it online but still can’t wait for […]

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    Beef Ban In Maharashtra: Facebook Folks React

    grilling 4 beef steaks

    So the Maharashtra Government just announced jail and heavy penalty for consuming beef. This absolutely bizarre beef ban decision has provoked reactions of all kinds. Wit, anger, protest, support – name it, see it. While twitter reactions lead the pack, Facebook isn’t far behind in the race. Here’s what folks from FB gotta say… Watch […]

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    Twitteratti React To Maharshtra Government Beef Ban


    Ok all you beef lovers out here in Maharashtra, there’s a lot at stake. Our taste-buds and cravings could land us a 10K fine and five rigorous, rough years in jail for possession, and I am still talking about about beef not weed. Our dear government has just issued a blanket ban of beef in the […]