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Here Are The Reasons For The Rape Of A 7-Year-Old: It Starts With Her Dalit Mother

Mob violence has a new achievement

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We all know the reasons for rape, right? In case you have forgotten, the person who got raped is the first. If it is woman, her fault is that she existed. Along with this are other factors like the clothes she was wearing, her sex life, her caste, her beliefs, her friends, language and a lot more. Rapist? What rapist? What has a rapist got to do with rape! That’s blasphemy.

So here is one more reason to the list of non-rapist reasons for rape. It’s the victim’s mother. And her sisters and their lives. Recently, a 7-year-old girl was raped and killed by her uncle in Kollam, Kerala. Guess what the localites did? They evicted her Dalit mother and sisters from their home. Why? Because they were immoral and that was what caused the rape. Mind you, not the rapist. Never the rapist. Never the rape culture. Never patriarchy.

So here are the reasons that the localites – who had nothing to do with the murdered child – suggested. Pretty soon, these will enter the ‘Top Ten Reasons For Rape In India’ listicle.


Mother gave birth to the child. The child got raped and killed. So it is all the mother’s fault.

Mother’s sister

The man who raped the child was in a live-in relationship with the mother’s sister. Definitely you have to blame the sister and not her spouse who raped the girl.

Mother’s parents

Because they created the mother who then created the child who was killed. Duh!

Mother’s marital status

She had separated from her husband. Makes a lot of sense, right? If a woman is living without a husband it means that her character is flawed. If her character is flawed, her daughter will be raped. Science has progressed a lot, I say!

‘Immoral’ character of the women

People usually attribute this one to the women who get raped but in this case, she was just 7 years old. So people were like let’s bring in the ‘immoral’ behaviour of the women in her house. Immoral here means living with a person without marrying them.

Here is a suggestion to the people of the locality. You have done a poor job. The women are still alive and they have come back after some idiots somehow convinced you that they were to be brought back. What to do with all these media making a mountain out of a molehill. They think crimes on Dalits and mob violence are all serious problems. Next time, you should just kill everyone in the family. Oh the next time will come real soon. With people like you around, how can violence cease!

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