RSS Plans Hindu-Muslim Rakhi in the Latest Move to Protect Mother Cow



RSS has cracked it. It has the ultimate solution to Hindu-Muslim unity. Wait, isn’t violence towards Muslims in India an RSS ideology? But never mind, that can be forgotten because they’ve developed the best technique to make everyone happy. Hold your breath and listen to it.

‘Muslim girls will tie rakhis to Hindu boys and Hindu girls to Muslim boys.’ This is what the RSS’ Muslim wing (wha-?) has in mind.


Yes. ‘Rakhi,’ is a Hindu festival. What were you thinking, in the name of gimmicks RSS will go to any extent? You must be crazy. Unity will come in the Hindu way because Hindu nation in the making, da. So, RSS will be running a ‘Rakhi campaign,’ reported PTI. According to the festival, a thread is tied onto a brother’s wrist by his sister. The brother then promises to protect her forever. Yeah, so this is the regressive notion behind the festival and now RSS wants Muslims to be inducted into this patriarchal shit. Isn’t that just awesome!

So according to this ‘festival,’ all Hindu boys should be protecting Muslim girls, right? We just need to know this. Will they be protected from mob lynching in the name of cow? The answer came quickly from RSS.The convener of this farce called Muslim wing of RSS said that it will appeal to Muslims not to slaughter cows on Bakrid. Wow! So first let’s shove patriarchal protective brother Hindu shit down the throat of Muslims and then let’s also take away their beliefs and festivals.

Totally yummy. Want more?

Here it is. “Cow milk is healthier than beef. That was why we had served cow milk for breaking the fast during Iftar. The highest number of Iftar parties with cow milk was organised in Uttar Pradesh.” the convener said. Wasn’t too difficult for you, was it with Yogi Adityanath’s 152 newly recruited Brahmin law officers.

Next time you come up with utterly despicable appeasement methods can you at least try to make it look convincing. Or drop the idea, please. We’re too tired for this shit.

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