Salient Features of Bollywood Film Songs: It Starts With Pelvis

What’s item?

Ever since there was Bollywood, there was the song. Invoking our ‘fine’ tradition of arts, love for dance and music, this ingredient in popular films evolved in ways that are unimaginable (read disgusting) over the years. To add to it, the dance that is considered absolutely necessary along with the song turned into a show of female nudity and sexually suggestive moves by them. Speaking of sexual, most of Bollywood considers an item number to be an integral part of filmmaking. A typical one will have sexually suggestive lyrics coupled with similar moves by an ‘item girl’ and the hero. Salient features of ‘Indian’ film songs really need a closer and questioning look.

1. The Pelvic Thrust

This is the classic dance move of the male hero. Sometimes done with the female co-dancer or heroine. This is evidently suggestive of the act of penetration in sex and is as common as a handshake. In fact, Indians might not shake hands with women in films, thinking of the much revered ‘Indian culture’ but shall always have this move which says pretty much everything about it.

Pelvic thrust by hero

Salman Khan in Judwa

Pelvic thrust by hero and woman dancer

Karishma Kapoor and Govinda in Raja Babu

Indians are too impressed and obsessed with this creation that they have also come up with variants of the same move. Essentially about a heterosexual penetrative sexual act but different in the way it is done. How innovative! If only this creativity was put to use in the making of films, this country wouldn’t have to plagiarise so much from films from all over the world. This here is the ‘inviting’ pelvic thrust from a South Indian hero. Go lungi!

Prithviraj in Ayya

2. Heaving breasts

Like how the pelvic thrust is the signature move for all the men during songs, women have their own. They are always heaving their breasts as if in a pathetic imitation of an asthma attack. Wait a minute, are they really mocking people with breathing problems while doing that?

Priyanka_Chopra_Goliyon_Ki_Rasleela_Ram-leela_breast_heaving_move Breast Heaving
Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-leela

No, most of the time the actors who do this are dressed in low cut blouses. That can’t be it. But don’t think that this arching move has got anything to do the concept of an arched female torso during orgasm or the experience of pleasure. What a dirty mind you must have to think so!

3. Bevy of women. Half naked

They are going to be in the background, dancing. Sometimes men too join. They will be made to lift the women if required and it is generally required unless the hero does it himself. The women are sometimes seen being on the dancing heroine’s side too. Quick facts. Nobody knows who they are. They have no role in the whole film. They have no names.

Film: Fiza

4. Bevy of women. Half naked. White.

Sometimes the filmmakers think that ‘firangs’ are what will give them that extra marks. If you feel that what lies beneath is the Indian male fantasy of having sex with white women, it is entirely your fault. The country in general luuurves white women. And skin.

Film: Wanted

5. Innuendos. Lots of them

The lyrics as usual don’t mean anything in Bollywood songs. But when they do, it is always sex. There are songs about the male sex organ, songs about the act of having sex and all these shall be told in suggestive language so that, *wink* *wink* only those who can decipher will get how disgusting they are. In short the whole nation gets it. The whole nation plays it in all parties and do *wink* *wink* while they dance. The dance moves which are anyway all about sex will add to the fun and frolic. ‘Batata vada’, ‘fevicol’, ‘pon pon pon’ are all some terminologies in Bharat which stand for sex and related activities.

Film: Son of Sardaar

6. King and courtesan

One of the most popular forms of setting of the song and dance is one in which a woman – the heroine of the ‘item’ dancer perform to be seen and appreciated by the hero. It reminds us of the rule of the kings in which courtesans danced for the pleasure of the king and others. The trade mark of this is the seated hero (on the floor for directors who seek to be as close as reality – yeah, right) who just has to give appreciating glances towards the woman dancing in front of him, for him.

The judging king and the dancing women

Nobody knows how long this trend is going to continue in films. While you wonder how long, you can take a look at this song which can be called the Kamasutra of bollywood because it just effectively shows a lot of positions that can be used for intercourse. Vatsayana, good job in generating disciples, ya!

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