Shehla Rashid’s Reply To The JNU Tank Idea Shows Why We Need More Women Leaders

With sass.

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Patriotism attack

Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] VC, M Jagadesh Kumar, said that he wanted the ministers to procure an army tank to be displayed on campus. You can call it the manifestation of a patriotism attack. They are like panic attacks, only, instead of panicking, people become extremely patriotic and are like, I-want-to-kiss-the-ass-of-soldiers-dying-for-the-country-in-Kashmir. In the above mentioned attack, the VC hoped that ‘The tank will remind students of the great sacrifices and valour of Indian Army,’ Hindustan Times reported.

Mr Kumar made the statement in an advance celebration of Kargil Vijay Divas. It was a little weird because instead of students, ministers, cricketers and ABVP workers attended the rally. In 2016, sedition charges were slapped on students of JNU. They were accused of raising anti-national slogans in an event protesting the hanging of Afzal Guru. The ‘Kargil rally’ seemed like an act to compensate for the anti-national slogans and sedition charges. The slogans raised were ‘no Naxalism or Maoism only nationalism’ and ‘down with Pakistan.’ Isn’t that great. JNU is now officially open to Pakistan hatred and army tanks.

Dear VC, how would you like to have a permanent army camp on campus? Students can find work over there. Cook for them and feel all the more patriotic. We needn’t give you ideas because Shehla Rasheed has, for all of us.

Shehla’s reply

In her twitter handle, Shehla Rashid, former JNU Vice-President, gave her statement regarding the VC’s idea. It was just what the hour demanded and was with tongue in cheek.

‘I’m in favour of battle tank on campus. In fact, I advocate an entire war museum with images from Vietnam War (such as the Napalm girl) + images from Hiroshima, Nagasaki of destruction due to atom bombs + archive of postwar survivor testimonies + permanent video installations of Howard Zinn, George Carlin, Gurmehar Kaur, Hannah Arendt + sniper trauma testimonies. I’m perfectly in favour of a war museum on campus. We need to have discussions on war BTW, war advocacy is a hate crime under Int’l law. I think JNUTA should organize a lecture series on War (like last year’s super popular nationalism teach-ins) but that’s up to JNUTA.’ she tweeted.

Why don’t we have more leaders like her in this country?

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