Sunny Leone Was Trolled For Adopting A Child: But Was She?

It’s not trolling.

Credit: Sunny Leone Facebook page

Sunny Leone adopted a child. We heard that she was trolled for it. Let’s think again. We are describing a phenomenon very dear to India using the wrong word. Troll in its verb form is, ‘make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.’ What our celebrities are subjected to is not this. It is violence and harassment. Most of the time, it is sexual harassment. Look at some of the comments.

It’s called sexual harassment

This Facebook user who finds themselves very amusing when he sexually harasses a woman, is just one of the many idiots who feel they have a right to talk like this. Why?

Porn star = No Rights

This is the mantra that most people go by. In every place, there exists a power dynamics. Created by assholes. The assholes assume that they are superior to certain other people. In misogyny, sexual harassment… men assume they are superior and more powerful than women. [The women assholes are by-products of this. They are trying their hand at being powerful by behaving like men.] Homophobia – heterosexual assholes think that about homosexuals. Sunny Leone – people think they are superior because of their moral values.

Moral Values

These are the extra points that a ‘decent’ person gets by being decent. A woman who has multiple sexual partners is not ‘decent’ according to the self proclaimed superiors. A man who does not go to work – shiva shiva. His wife goes to work – he is a sex slave, hen-pecked. Porn star, sex worker – fit to be raped. Yeah people think that is morally correct.

Sunny Leone used to be a porn star. People, including the ones harassing her online, used to jerk off to her videos, probably. If not hers, they definitely were jerking off to something else. Nobody will discuss their sex lives because they are not porn stars. They will discuss Leone’s as if it is their right.

Who is the father

Most of the sexual harassment comments were by people who felt that Sunny Leone would not be able to know who the father of the child was, had she ‘actually’ given birth to a child. This is a favourite of men. It’s called slut shaming. Porn star = she slept with a lot of men = confused whose semen impregnated her. Why this logic-lessness?

a) they haven’t heard of contraceptives b) they just don’t like it that Sunny Leone is not sleeping with them c) I am like that only


Suddenly, a lot of people, including men, seemed to know what motherhood is all about. One man even said that being a mother is an out of the world experience. Can we all please observe a moment of silence for this mansplainer who tried to make a woman understand what it is like to have a uterus?

Anybody can adopt – this man told Sunny Leone

He told her that anybody could adopt. Women wondered how the authorities could let her adopt a baby. Some said they were scared that her daughter would choose her mother’s profession (he meant porn not acting) others laughed thinking it would be funny if the daughter watched her parents’ videos growing up.

You know what is really funny? That all of you think that there is something called a ‘perfect mother.’ You have been saying that to women for ages. A perfect mother is a superhuman who loves unconditionally and multi tasks without rest and manage to stay alive and a zillion other things. Breaking it to you – there is nothing called a perfect mother. You do not get to define motherhood either. Stop crying, gather your things and get out of women’s social media pages. Preach when you shower or something.

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