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Supreme Court On Hadiya: How Can HC Annul Marriage of a 24 Year Old Woman?

A big blow to RSS

[Image: Dalit Camera]

There are times when miracles happen. Our judicial system speaking sense is sadly, one of those. Today, the words that it said has given hope for women that their decisions matter. Otherwise, in India we are told that our decisions are toilet paper.

Once Upon a Time

We had a constitution. It promised people nice stuff. Like equality, the right to live the life you choose, embrace the religion you choose, live with the partner you choose. But that was all long ago. With extreme right wingers championing religious segregation it was all too easy to resuscitate the ‘love-jihad’ narrative. This strange sounding coinage is RSS’s pet project towards annihilating the Muslim minority in this nation. Because all Muslims are terrorists and belong in Pakistan. So when a 24 year old woman converted to Islam and later married a Muslim man, her father thought that he could keep her a prisoner. The worst part? The court agreed with him.


Hadiya was born Akhila. She converted to Islam and later married a Muslim man by the name Shafin Jahan. Asokan, Hadiya’s father, became the quintessential mallu male by approaching the court saying she was forced to convert to Islam. In Mallu Land aka Kerala, women are brought up saying they are first their parents’ property and later their husbands’. So it’s no wonder when mallu males start believing that lie. Guess what? The Kerala High Court thought it was true too. When Hadiya married a Muslim man they thought it was very suspicious (definitely marrying a Muslim man means that she is going to join ISIS) and sent her under her father’s custody.

From then, she has been locked up in a room in her own house by her father. People started protesting. A group of six women visited her and Hadiya yelled out to them that she was being tortured. Mallu land thought it was not of much importance because woman.

Supreme Court Stuns Everyone

Today was the day the Supreme Court considered the petition given by Shafin Jahan questioning the NIA investigation that was ordered on the case. Chief Justice Deepak Mishra listened to the lawyer of the father and slapped – sorry – asked how the Kerala High Court could annul a marriage. He also said that it was clear that a 24 year old could not be left under her father’s custody.

This has left everyone who was living in a fool’s paradise thinking a woman’s opinion did not matter in any way in a difficult position. The kind of feeling you get when you are constipated for days. People are scrambling in different directions asking each other ‘Women are people? They have rights?’ Well, sorry right wingers. Sorry CPI(M) and CM Pinarayi Vijayan who thought silence was the best way to deal with a woman’s human rights violation.

Meanwhile in Mallu Land

Kerala saw a massive protest of people from all over the country marching to the secretariat at the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. The march was called ‘Chalo Kerala to Free Hadiya’ and was attended by hundreds of people. Women, unabashedly and unapologetically Muslim, marched forward shouting ‘Free Hadiya. Insha Allah’ and ‘Sangh Parivar Murdaabaad’. With the kind of Islamophobia around, Thiruvananthapuram might have pissed in its pants.

From the protest march in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala [Image: Dalit Camera]
You can watch the inspiring videos from the protest over here.

What Next?

On Monday, the court will hear both the parties in detail and will make a call on 24 year old Hadiya’s life. Scary, isn’t it? Well India is a scary movie. Get used to it. Before they scare you to death.

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