10 Cringe Worthy Lines That People With Binge Eating Disorder Get

Don’t be mean

1. Really? There is a disease called that?  

For the nth time, YES! And it is one of the most common eating disorders. People who suffer from it, other than being f**ked in the head, also have episodes of binge eating periodically. Reason? This ever so kind world does all it can to screw a person’s self esteem by making comments on body, especially on weight. So then unsuspecting people try to eat less and less and then in the end the curbed cravings attack them and it ends up in people eating till the point they fall sick. Like actually sick.

2. That doesn’t sound serious, ya. Everyone does that!

Allow to politely say f**k off. No. ‘Everyone’ does not have consistent symptoms which last forever and which can never be eliminated, only put under control. And not ‘everyone’ is sensible to understand eating disorders because thanks to our society, mental illnesses are taboo. Tch tch.

3. Aren’t you having lunch/Won’t you eat?

What do you really expect for an answer when you ask that? Do you really expect one? Like what? ‘I took three years to be in a position where I don’t have lunch so that I can be at peace with my body and P.S it is none of your business’? Don’t worry, nobody who suffers from Binge Eating Disorder is going to tell you that because they have to look normal in front of curious cats like you. Which is when you probably hear obvious lies like ‘I already ate’ and ‘I had a heavy breakfast so not hungry’. For heaven’s sake, don’t try to dissect their lies. It’s just something they say instead of ‘f**k off’.

4. This tastes amazing! Try it!

They know it tastes amazing, you idiot! Who on earth would think that people eat things which taste like shit! You are eating it because it tastes good but the larger point here is that it does not matter. A binge eater is always running away from food. Especially yummy food.

5. You don’t look like someone who skips lunch

What is that supposed to mean? Please. Most of the people on earth are on a diet and it is because of comments like these. Why don’t you really understand that body shaming is where everything originates? Do you know that this question alone is enough to push binge eaters to depression and forced-puking sprees? The next time you ask that they are really going to puke right on top of your heads. So back off!


6. What do you eat?

Horse shit. Yeah. That’s right. They eat horse shit. What else do you expect for an answer when asked in wide eyed wonder about what they eat as if your life depended on it. They do eat something or the other which is why they walk and talk and you know, generally function in life. They really don’t like explaining it to you because then you go into your rant on their most dreaded topic: health.

7. That’s going to affect your health! You will die by 30!

Okay, first things first. Everyone is going to die in fifty years because human beings have ruined this planet and the world is going to end by then. So why don’t you think about that for now? Yeah, thanks for alerting, and looking as if you’re are concerned, but you are talking to someone who has spent hours, days, years reading up on how unhealthy eating habits can screw you and further spent some hours deciding which unhealthy eating pattern is to be opted. You really needn’t tell that kind of a person anything except ‘rest in peace’.

8. I/we/the whole college etc. have never seen you eat!

You know why? Because binge eaters are extremely conscious of people observing them while they are eating. See, this is why you should read up on things you have no idea about before you comment. You have never seen these people eat because most of the time, they eat in secret. They get embarrassed when seen by others because they think you are constantly observing them. Which you are, probably because you are an asshole.

9. You want?

This is asked when you see people staring at your food. That’s because binge eaters are always observing you, secretly. Sometimes it’s even spooky, like that Eclipse star who watches his girlfriend sleep. Real spooky shit. Like how you eat, what you eat, how much you weigh and how all these can be connected to form the perfect diet for themselves, a binge eater thinks. That’s what they are up to when you see them with a blank stare at your dabba of roti and dal. It does NOT mean that they want to eat it. In fact, they want to run away from it. So do not offer them food thinking they are plotting to kill your roti and dal. They are probably going to kill you, because they are jealous of how normal your eating habits are.

10. So does this mean that we cannot talk to binge eaters?

No. But stop asking these questions and give respect to a person’s privacy. There are plenty of crazy things that people do all around the world. For god’s sake they elected Donald Trump. So in the larger picture, the small eccentricities around you can be left alone. If not, remember, the puke hat you are going to get soon and they won’t even get ‘punished’ for it because they are all going to die by thirty according to your own theory.



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