The Average Indian’s Reservation Problem AKA Casteism

Stop whining

There is an easy way to know if a person is a pretentious Average Indian [AI]. Ask them what they think of reservation. In a second, a tap of casteism will be opened and you will see yourself soaking wet in regressive Indian ‘upper caste’ thoughts. What I never understood is why the drama. Why not call yourself a casteist cow? But no, the Average wannabe-intellectual Indian has to be progressive during day to be a dickhead at night. So it was, that Lijo Jose wrote his tear-jerker of a Facebook post.

Casteism Viral Pvt. Ltd.

The crux of his crappy mopey post was that he had not got admission in any college. Okay. Sounds like a good enough reason to weep. But no, Jose’s problem was not that he had failed to get admission but that colleges had seats reserved for SC/ST and OBC candidates. He said that he had been forced to take up farming because he had failed to get admission. The post had photos of him with a hoe, in what seemed to be a clearing-land-of-grass initiative. [Loudly blow your nose here. Wipe it on your Average Indian neighbour’s desk.]

His post went viral because his fellow AIs joined him in the lamentation that is all too familiar. ‘We are denied opportunities because of reservation,’ ‘we are Brahmins but our family lost everything in land reforms, don’t we have the right to reservation?’ This is the reason why 51000 liked the shameless whining post and 13000 shared it.

So look here Lijose, since people like you have really failed to comprehend the injustice called caste system and how people like you have benefited from it for ages, we have here, an IITan explaining it to you.

A Tight Slap in Words

Ranjith Kannankattil uploaded a few photos in response to your useless banter. They were not of him holding a hoe, like you would have liked them to be, but of his certificates. Straight A’s and excellence in studies. Do you know why he could be in IIT Chennai and get a job that matched his capabilities? The same system that you are so scared of, called reservation.

In his post, he calmly states why people like Lijose should shut up without even asking him to shut up. He reminds Lijose that he never had the luxury of land to get a hoe and till. That he and many of his friends never saw reservation as an added benefit but only as a relief.

Reservation was, for him, ‘a ray of hope that said that we wouldn’t end up as a heap of bones over that of our forefathers who were trapped in hellish ordeals. It was the oil in the lamp of those who barely had the means to study. It was what cut the chord of social slavery, of the spaces forced upon the daily wage worker’s son. We have not snatched anyone’s opportunity away with reservation. We have only tried hard to study and to go forward. I don’t claim I have reached a high rank in society but reservation has a huge role in making us capable of living.’

Aspiring Newton

First things first. Please take lessons in writing from Ranjith. Next, check if you’ve got what he said. If you’re still not getting it, why don’t you do some research? Caste system in India has roots going down in history that can never be chopped off. Not any time now. Reservation is just a system that aims at giving relief to the victims of this heinous system that you are so proud of. Tell us something, when you said that you were going to be a farmer because you didn’t get admission anywhere, [I still haven’t figured out why you think you had good scores. You don’t. Not for the admission you were seeking.] did you mean that you will water that great tree of casteism and wait under it for fruit to fall on your head?

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