These Films Just Showed The Middle Finger To Censorship: Check Out Their Awesome ‘Up Yours’ Posters

Now watch this

Central Board of Film Certification [CBFC] is known to common people as the censor board. Common people are intelligent and that is why they call the board that. All they do is censor films. ‘Lipstick Under My Burqa’, a film by Alankrita Shrivastava was denied certification by this ‘denser’ board stating bizarre reasons. One of it was that the film was too ‘lady oriented’. *Cough* up yours *cough*.

But guess what, we don’t have to cough disguise insults anymore. The film led a legal battle which ended in them winning and procuring an ‘A’ certificate. Yes, dear board, adults do like watching ‘lady oriented’ stuff. That’s not all, they came up with an awesome ‘up yours’ poster to celebrate the release. See.

Hi censor board. Take this. [Pic: Balaji Films, Twitter]
What we have come to realize over the years is that the Board is a grumpy school kid. If it is asked to do something, it wouldn’t do that. The kid might be just on his way to the loo. But then a teacher would show up and say, oh good boy, go to the loo and come right back to class. That’s it. The grumpy kid would decide not to take a leak and pee in class instead. That’s okay, that’s how children are. The board, people would expect would be an adult. Obviously, no. It has to pee on films and make faces at the filmmakers. What can one say except shake their heads and say ‘grow up’.

The film will release in theatres on 28th June, go get that ticket to awesome adult fun. Watching the film will be the next best thing to put a muzzle on the crying baby that the censor board is.


The trend of saying up yours through posters is catching up. Recently, Ministry of I&B had denied permission to screen three documentary films at International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Trivandrum. The documentaries handled controversial [read relevant] topics of Rohith Vemula [yep, the same dalit student that the same government killed] and Kashmir. The filmmakers and supporters were quick to protest. They organized protest screenings everywhere. They released the films on YouTube. That’s right. What was banned in India can now be watched by the whole world. And then, there were these awesome ‘up yours’ posters.

Banned! Tune into another country [design: Indrajit Neduveli]
Enough is enough, ‘denser’ board [poster design: Ananda Padmanabhan]

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