‘Transgenders Should Not Wear Sari,’ Ramdas Athawale. What About Salwar Kameez, Minister?

Country confused

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Union minister of state for social justice and empowerment, Ramdas Athawale said that transgender people should not wear sari. It is not know what mysterious forces in the  universe made the minister share this wisdom. This statement has put the country in a state of chaos because the guideline pertains to just the transgender community.

Men and women have started panicking because they no longer know if wearing shirts, pants, salwar kameez, skirts, tops, bikinis… will be permitted. The talk of the town is that everyone will have to make their best guesses and start buying bulks of clothes that the minister might think fit for them to wear.

“They are not men, they are not women, but they are human… why should they wear a sari when they are not women?” the minister asked. Political analyzers have decided that this sentence is too cryptic and has layered meanings that are difficult to discern by humans. Since the minister has said that he has shared his no-sari thoughts with the transgender community, we hope to find out soon if the minister will shut up or if everyone in the country will change wardrobes.

He also said that the Centre would introduce a Bill that will give transgenders their due rights and protection. Sounds great, but deciding what to wear is part of a person’s rights. Not just the transgender community but everyone in the country needs protection from people like you. Could you please consider that as well in the Bill? Also, please clarify if Ramdev can now start wearing a shirt?

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