Unmarried or Virgin? No Difference, Says This Health Minister

Heard of pre-marital sex, sir?

The use of chastity belt. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

How it started

The origin, believe it or not, is in an Institute of Medical Sciences. The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, (IGIMS), Patna, Bihar, thought they’d be super cool with their forms for employees. One of the questions was how many wives a person had, according to ANI. It is not clear if this question was to test if the person knew how to count or if they knew how to marry. Another question was concerning virginity. That elephant in the room, that holy book of Bharat that determines everything in life. Yes, the form asked its employees to declare if they were married or virgin.

The new dictionary

When this fact made news, people thought higher officials would take notice and do something about it. What has happened instead, is this Minister laying bare his idea of the words ‘virginity’ and ‘unmarried.’ Bihar Health Minister, Mangal Pandey has stated that ‘unmarried’ and ‘virgin’ and ‘pure’ all mean the same. He said that since all these words meant the same thing, IGIMS had not done anything wrong by asking people the bizarre questions.

According to Pandey, “Virgin, as per the dictionary, means an unmarried and pure girl. So all these words are not objectionable,” News18 reported.

Another statement that was made in relation to this blunderful form was from IGIMS superintendent Manish Mandal. Apparently, this man thought that knowing a person’s viriginity status was important because it would help in case a rape case was registered in future.

Here are some questions for you.

  • Which dictionary are you using?
  • We have here some pure gold ornaments. Can you employ them at IGIMS? It’s the same as unmarried and virgin right? [We’re joking. You are not getting any gold.]
  • There is a concept – actually an act – called sex. We don’t know this fancy dictionary and language you are referring to, but over here, a human is called a virgin if they have not performed this act. Are you aware of this?
  • Are you aware that sex is different from rape? In fact, that sex and rape have nothing to do with each other?
  • What is ‘pure’?
  • Does ‘purity’ apply to men also?
  • Is the word ‘idiot’ objectionable to you? Because we think you are one.

P.S We have some virgin coconut oil in the kitchen.Just saying.

Form changed but was it, really?

Anyway, the latest update is that the Institute has changed the controversial form. Like the health minister, they too seem to believe that unmarried and virgin mean one and the same because they’ve replaced ‘virgin’ with ‘unmarried’ in the new form. Wow! Small doubt, please. Why on earth should an employer be concerned about the marital or virginity status of their employees? Are they running a matrimonial service or providing sex partners?

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