Video Record Madrassas On Independence Day: Yogi Adityanath Government

Just in case, huh, minister?

[Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons]

It’s called surveillance. It is also called discrimination. But Yogi Adityanath doesn’t care, clearly. His government’s latest circular says this: Video record Independence Day programme at madrassas. Then send it to the district minority officer. Why? We have no idea why.

Muslims should be watched. Just in case

Except, it could be a test of loyalty. You see all Muslims are Pakistanis at heart, no? So how do you know if they are celebrating Pakistani Independence Day or Indian Independence Day? How do you know if the green flag is hoisted by these Muslims or if it is the tricolour. Are you also intending to circulate the video to tell the world that ‘these are the Muslims of UP. They are under our watch’

Nationalist credentials

Think it’s an ‘innocent’ gesture? You must be a fool. Because Minority welfare minister Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary has some amazing explanation to this sickening move. “Those who are trying to impute motives and suspecting the intention of the government, I doubt their nationalist credentials,” News18 quoted him.

Yeah, so tell us this. On Independence Day, are you going to install cameras in every single house or school or office in this country to see if the ‘nationalist credentials’ are in place? In Hindu schools, perhaps? Yeah, we know. You define some people’es credentials just by their names and surnames. Others you will videograph and parade wherever you please.

What next?

One question. Can we shit on Independence Day? What about sex? What about a woman who has her periods? Can she hoist the flag? Watch porn? Masturbate? Please record churches also. As you know, they also have the potential to have the wrong credentials. Please send circulars regarding these too so that this Independence Day will be the awesomest worst.

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