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Want To Say Fuck Off To Mansplainers? Maxine Waters Is Here To Help You

The best reply ever

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Mansplaining Womansplained

Women, have you had to reclaim your space, lately?

Not getting it? Have you ever faced situation where your time was taken away by men? Board meetings, news shows, family, parties, wherever you go, you will encounter one of those idiots who thinks that his time is more important than yours. That his knowledge about topics is far superior to yours. Even if you were saying the exact same thing before you were interrupted by this moron. Thanks to English language, we have a word for all problems on earth (and beyond) and this one is called mansplaining.

Shitty Origin

Mansplaining comes from the belief that women cannot get anything right. Also from the fact that there are people stupid enough to believe that. You know, something like Imtiaz Ali thinking that women being smart is surprising. So, Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary from team Donald Trump followed his master’s path by being a nasty mansplainer the other day. It is not nice to judge people but I think it is safe to assume that if you are from the Trump camp, you are either being an idiot or getting fired. Mnuchin chose to be the first when he interrupted Maxine Waters at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee. Waters was the ranking Democrat on the committee and had asked him why he hadn’t responded to a letter she’d sent him about Trump’s financial ties to Russia.

Reclaiming Her Time

Guess what Mnuchin thought he’d do? Stick to the pathetically un-funny stereotype that women fall for flattery. He thought that he could interrupt her and just say nice things about her and then she would forget the question she’d asked him. Pretty lame, I should say. If you are trying to build a career as a mansplainer, you should really step it up and try innovative methods. Waters responded to this bullshit with a phrase that soon became a trending hashtag on social media and also started a debate on mansplaining and working black women. It was: #ReclaimingMyTime.

She repeated it many times during the time Mnuchin behaved like a schoolchild. The one who wanted to impress the teacher and jumped up and down saying ‘I know the answer’. Though in this case, the kid did not know the answer. I am sure that the only sound that boomed in his ears even when he went to bed that night was ‘Reclaiming my time’ in Waters’ voice.

Just so that you don’t get sleep, let us also take a moment and remember Bill O’Reilly, that man who thought he could crack a racist joke about Waters and get away with it. Waters only said the truth as response to that. That she was a strong black woman and that she wouldn’t be intimidated by anybody. Bill O’Reilly is no longer on Fox news, because he had settled sexual harassment law suits. Just saying.

Let’s get formal

The phrase, however is the apt form of ‘fuck you!’ in formal meetings. Thanks to Waters, we know now know how to say that when one of them goes ‘Sorry to interrupt but I think my opinion is better than yours because clearly I am interrupting you.’It was obvious right after she said it because soon other Democrats also used the same phrase when Mnuchin started beating around the non-exiistent bush.

Don’t take mansplaining lightly. Reclaim your effing time.

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