Why Is Shiv Sena Scared Of This Young Female RJ’s #PotHoleRap?

Can’t take the truth

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There is not one person in Mumbai who hasn’t lost their temper on roads during monsoon. The roads are messy, the traffic is horrible as usual and there are jams even on footpaths. This could be the reason why a parody song stating these in a comical way (which is what parodies do) became an instant hit. Radio Jockey Malishka Mendonsa was adorable, if anything, in the video when she asked if Mumbai didn’t trust BMC. [‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nahi kay’] It was a parody that made fun of the situation in the city during monsoon.

Scary song

Now BMC – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, which is led by Shiv Sena, got scared. How do we know? There are certain things that children do when they get scared. Intolerant right wing is all about that. Shiv Sena was like, let’s file a defamation suit. A 500 crore defamation suit. [Imagine a kid jumping with excitement saying this. You see what I mean.] No offence, but defamation is something you file when someone is lying about something. Saying that Mumbai sucks during monsoon is not a lie, it’s kind of like stating the obvious.

I mean seriously, you people got offended by a song? If a song asks if Mumbai does not have faith in BMC, what you should do is ask yourself that. Or dance. Instead you did something so cowardly and childish, it needs to be included in the children’s book of lame come backs.

You sent a notice to Malishka’s mother for breeding mosquitoes at their house. Wha- Seriously? That’s your idea of revenge?

What you need to do

First of all, grow up.

After that, listen to the song. Listen to what makes Mumbai horrible during monsoon. It’s called criticism. There are different ways of doing it. If it’s serious, it is a study. If it’s funny, it can be called parody. The idea is to make people like you understand that there is something wrong with the way you are functioning. So think. Correct yourself. Don’t forget to thank the RJ. Here is the video that scared you shitless that you had to send a team to check for mosquitoes in the RJ’s house.

You can watch the video here.

You no scare no one

Amidst all this, Malishka stuck to her #PotHoleRap and even took a dig at Shiv Sena on Twitter. The RJ, who is in US now tweeted thus. ‘6 songs composed and ready in my head and they are NOT about New York. I’m a rapper now. Also a breeder apparently and back soon.’ RedFM, the radio channel that created the video also came in support of her. Mirror Now’s Faye DSouza also gave a tight slap on Shiv Sena’s face when she said, in Malishka’s support, ‘You don’t respect us but you respect our money. You’ve got our votes, now do your job.’

So, will you now start? Doing your job?

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